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April 29, 2002

SHAPE: I lost 1.25 last week! I thought my usual leader was the best but I swear Grand Rapids must be hopping with the best weight watchers leaders ever. This woman was truly motivational. She lost 125 pounds 10 years ago. The people at the meeting were also neat. It was at 9:30 on Friday. At first I was going to just weigh in because I had to get to work but then I decided to stay because I really needed that motivation. There were people in all ages and sizes but most of them were in their 60s and 70s where couples were losing weight together. One woman in her 70s exclaimed, “I finally lost my 50 pounds that I’ve been trying to lose for 40 years!” Now that was truly motivational. All I can say is that I really enjoyed the vibe in the meeting. The one thing about my usual meeting that I go to is that everyone has their own clan and it doesn’t help that the meeting has about 70 – 80 members so the place is packed. I’ll see if I can juggle in that meeting once a month because I really enjoyed the difference in the two leaders. This one seemed more motivational…if that’s possible because the other one is just excellent too. Anyways, I’m still going to CURVES. I need to get measured pretty soon to see if there has been a major difference since I haven’t been in the pool too much this month. I did have a nice swim on Thursday but I’m still having difficulties balancing CURVES and the pool. It seems like I am cutting down on the pool but I really don’t want to do this because I want equal time for both activities. We’ll see how it goes this week.

SAVE & ORGANIZE: Okay, I need to stay out of KMART because they’re going out of business sales are killing me. I bought a cute shelf stereo system by SONY for $89 that was originally $140. This is the second time in two weeks that I have been going crazy over buying stuff from them. Two weeks ago, I bought some makeup and clothes. It’s still a good deal but I just need to stay out of that store. We’ll after 3 months of no ebay…I’m finally back to posting stuff. I have a bunch of clothes that I just need to get rid of. I bought a ton of NWT stuff from Hudson’s last year that needs to go…plus, I need the money because I’m still finding that I’m still spending more money since Shawn has moved in. Argh, here I thought I was going to save money. I’m just spending money on crazy stuff this month and lots of trips. For instance, this Friday Shawn and I are going to drive to Indy to attend a Star Wars Convention…okay obviously, I have no interest in that but as the heal I am, I’m paying for my ticket which is $30 and half of gas because he wants to go really bad but doesn’t have enough $$ to help foot my half. I hope he’s able to find a job pretty soon because this is getting old. He’s getting bored, still not doing anything around the house, and he’s had his MAC for two weeks but he still hasn’t signed up with an agency that promotes freelancing. To top it off, there are no graphic design jobs in Grand Rapids or Muskegon. And the apartment is still a disaster. Only if I had some more time…

OTHER DIET RAMBLINGS: I started to spot again tonight during ovulation. I guess my weightloss is finally impacting my body. This happened the last time I was trying to lose weight back in 1999. The same exact thing happened. When I went off plan, it stopped. Okay, so now I only have 2.25 pounds before my 10%. I was hoping to lose this before week 18 but that’s probably not going to happen because I usually don’t lose that much in a week. Since week 18 is the next weigh in, I’m just planning on a solid one. Besides, losing weight is not a race…it’s a lifestyle change. Well, I hope you all have a nice week. I’ll try to write before the weekend but if I don’t, have a nice weekend and if anyone is in Louisville or going to the Derby…I’m absolutely jealous of you! (In a good way)-Take care-Kellie

April 24, 2002

SHAPE: I’ve been attempting to write this entry now for two weeks(the last time I attempted to write an entry I spilled water all over my keyboard)…yikes! I just got too busy. The week before last I lost .50 lbs but then last week I gained .50lbs (Mr. TOM was around) so I’m hoping for a big loss this weekend. I’ve been sticking to the plan and I’ve been exercising at least 5 times a week, earning between 2–4 activity points. I was oncall last week so I was not able to get in the pool, though I went to CURVES instead. This week I went to CURVES M – W and I get measured on Monday so we’ll see if it is doing anything. I’ve cut down eating out to twice a week too so I’m doing a lot better in food choices. As you can see, I’m losing nice and slow and steadily. I’m exercising and eating in the higher point range. The pic is from last week…it was actually 85 here in Michigan…I’m liking what I’m seeing :)

PERSONAL LIFE RAMBLINGS: These past two weeks have been pure HELL at work. Things are just going from bad to worse. I was on call last week and I had to run out to the hospital to screen people 6 times (of course, in the middle of the night). I had to assist in 2 involuntary petitions where the doctors or judge had to admit the individuals into the hospital because they were not willing to go. Now that was difficult. Especially since one night I was gone from 9:30 – 3:45 am and I had to be at work at 8:45. I eventually left at 1:45 because I could no longer function.

Besides all this crap going on…I’m not looking for food to provide comfort. I’m dealing with it. Now that’s a huge change from before. I’m dealing with it in a proper manner and I’m processing things and not allowing it to bother me so much. I’m pretty proud of myself.

DIET RAMBLINGS: I’ve tried three new fabulous products out on the market. Two are the new Skinny Cows Sundae Cups and Fudge Bar and Baked Lays Doritos. All of the above is fabulous. I especially the Baked Doritos because for 15 chips it’s 2 little points…and oh are they so worth it. Well thanks for waiting for the post. I’ll try to keep it updated a little more frequently but I’ve been so burnt the last two weeks, it’s nice to see things settling down. Take care all-Kellie

April 13, 2002

SHAPE: I swear that I was having a lack of energy this week. For the past two nights, all I have been doing is siting on the couch. I think my battery was just drained because of all of my running lately. Unfortunately, I’m going to running my battery down this weekend because Shawn and I need to move Carrie and Dennis (sister, broinlaw). They are finally moving out of their dumpy old apartment and getting into another one closer to Dennis’ jobs. They currently live in Wixom/Novi right now but they are moving over to Sterling Heights. Carrie wants to get out of Metro Detroit so bad but it’s going to be forever before that happens. Dennis probably won’t make the money like he does in Detroit anywhere else because he is a finish carpenter who does very large homes. There are very few large in homes in West Michigan going up. Detroit is odd like that…there’s money flowing everywhere. Honestly, I’m glad I don’t live over there anymore. It was good growing up but everything was so materialistic…you know, “Keeping up with the Jones” kind of attitude? Anyways, so I was exhausted. I honestly feel a lot better today but lately I noticed that my knees are killing me. I don’t know if it’s swimming, CURVES, etc. but the last two nights, I’ve had to use a heat pad. I just wonder what’s going on down there…because I just ache…and I’m only 26! I got back into the pool twice this week. I’m striving for 3 days but I better work back up to it. It feels good to be back in the pool though, but heck, I wish I just didn’t ache so much. Maybe my TOM is coming up and that’s why…who knows...

SAVING & ORGANIZATION: It seems like it is a struggle to stay within my budget this week. One thing I noticed last month is that I “treated” Shawn too good. What I mean by that is that if we went into a store and he liked something, I bought him it. Oh, Kellie…you have to start doing that. Does it make any sense that I am spending more money now….than I did when he wasn’t living with me??? I got to stop this! I need to have a little more control in that area. We’re doing okay so far with the living together but honestly, I feel at times that we had more intimacy going before the move in. I find myself getting angry at the littlest things…for example, when I get home and everything is a mess and he’s been home all day. It’s like Shawn, what did you do today? “Oh, I was looking for jobs Kellie” but then of course I have to whip up dinner. He’s been averaging 3 nights a week on cooking and me 3 (which isn’t bad but I usually have to cook when I am tired). Is this how married life is? Please just tell me it gets better? Yes????

OTHER DIET RAMBLINGS: Something cute happened yesterday, when I was visiting one of my very young clients at their school, at the end of the session, he hugged me out of the blue and said "Kellie you look so skinny! You lost a lot of weight because you were fatter before"...Well that made my day! You can't beat a compliment by a 5 year old because they tell it like it is, don’t they? Well everyone have a great weekend! Take care all-Kellie

April 8, 2002

SHAPE: Things went great last week. It just got hectic so I couldn’t really post. My mom and dad were up from Kentucky getting their property up here situated so that they could start building a summer home. They’re pretty excited about it. They hit a major snag on Thursday though and they thought that they were not going to be able to build on it but it turned out that they had a contact in the township office who smoothed things over for my folks. Apparently, these snobbies thought my folks were dumb hillbillies so they were trying to restrict them from building. The cabin is going to be in a big resort area where a bunch of Chicago people come to relax for the weekend so the township wants to keep things “exclusive” stupid, huh? Anyways, I’m back to losing on my WW scale. I was down to 206.50 so I’m officially down 20 pounds!!! Good for me! People are making comments but I’m not noticing too much difference. Mentally, I’m noticing more differences though. For instance, when I go out to eat, I make healthier choices. I don’t restrict myself from anything but I fit the points into the plan. In 6.5 pounds, I’m going to have to lose 2 points because I will be hitting a different point range pretty soon so that is going to be pretty difficult.

I showed up to the pool last Tuesday and it was closed because of spring break. I hit Curves twice last week and I did the Leslie Tapes twice. I’m a little confused about these activity points because I’ve been hitting a couple of pages that show people earning 17 a day! Okay, from my perspective, that has to be unsafe….is it not? I could not fathom earning 17 a day…heck, I struggle to earn 3. I figure that Curves earns me 2, same with the tapes, and swimming, I earn 3. I occasionally count the walking I do in a day but not always…but 17???what’s up with that?

I’m about ready to kill all the body for life people at my work. Debbie the main instigator of this has been talking non-stop for 8 hours today about the program. Honestly, this is driving me nuts because all they are talking about is food. I’m at peace with food right now but with Debbie and her cohorts talking about it, it’s making me hungry all the time. Then the ultimate happened to me today. Debbie stated that “I’ve been on Body for Life for 4 weeks, while Kellie has been on it since January and she’s only lost 20 pounds while I’ve lost 10”. Okay, this is not a competition and this comment really irked me. Argh! Maybe I’m making too much of this…maybe, I just need to chill and be happy with the Body for lifers…no way!

On Saturday, Shawn and I went to see Rob Zombie at the Delta Plex in Grand Rapids and it was pretty awesome but I was totally pissed at the place. They took away my key chain because they felt that it could be used as brass knuckles…me, using brass knuckles, yeah right! Now I’m without my favorite key ring…I’m having withdrawals. I guess we are truly living in a different day and time now.

This time change is hard to get used to. I don’t know how I will get off to the pool in the morning because I have to get up at 5:30. Yikes! It’s been 4 weeks since my but has been in the pool. With vacation and everything…it just messed me up! Wish me luck!

One last rambling tonight. I went looking for a bra this past weekend and it was nearly impossible. I walked into Victoria’s Secret and felt totally out of place. It was just an uncomfortable atmosphere. The sales individuals were cold and rude. I hate that place…I really do. I always said when I lost all my weight I would spend a fortune there but no longer is that the case. Speaking of clothing. I finally got my behavior incentive from Lands End. I got my dark brown goat suede jacket in the mail today(just like one in the picture but mine is brown)and it’s stunning. I got it in a 14 – 16 so that I could wear it when I lose my weight. I also got it for a steal @ $125 regular $225…now that’s a deal! I know it’s kind of stupid to buy smaller things but I really wanted this jacket and 14 – 16 is going to happen…someday! Take care all-Kellie

April 1, 2002

SHAPE: Well, just as I thought. The Kentucky scales were totally wrong compared to my WW scales. It seems like my weigh in site is 6 pounds heavier than every scale I step on, even the doctors. That’s okay so my book states that I am up 2 ¾ pounds but I figured that I stayed the same. I still have 18 pounds off of my body and this little weigh in deal is nothing, just a number in the book. I’ll need to purchase some more weeks at WW because my 12 weeks are up with them. My blue cross card will make it $9.95 a session instead of $13. They have a season pass coming up in May so next time around, I’ll buy that because it comes out to $8 a session instead of $9…anything to save a buck. We’ll I haven’t been back to the pool last week. I just couldn’t get out of bed. I figure I was just exhausted from work and getting back into the swing of things. Instead, I went back to curves 3 times last week. I believe I get a better work out in the pool but the club is nice just for a change. Okay, so tomorrow I promise to be back into the swing of things…I just need to get up at 5:30 argh!

SAVE & ORGANIZE: Shawn went to his folks on Friday so I was in charge of keeping the place clean. I did an okay job but honestly he is so damn picky about things…he rides me on the littlest thing. It’s been a nice break from him during this time. Does that sound bad? Kind of but I enjoy some “me” time once in a while. My parents came up for Easter because they are going to start building their house in a month or so. They are building a cabin in Baldwin which is about 60 miles north of here so they can stay here in the summer since KY is so damn hot in July, August. I hosted the Easter dinner. I made ham, potatoes, asparagus, and lowfat honey cheesecake (the whole meal cost was only $9.50 since I bought everything at ALDIS!) We went to church at the Methodist Church in town and it seemed okay. I know I need to go to church more often but honestly sometimes-Church people freak me out because I always attract those needy people who just lay it on me. I try to be a family therapist M – F 8:00 – 6:00 (unless someone throws a $100 my way…just joking). I’ll figure something out because I have a strong faith in God but the Church thing throws me for a loop. Anyways, it was an awesome Easter.

OTHER MEANINGLESS RAMBLINGS: Heard from a friend yesterday from my old town of dumpy Marine City, Mi…I strongly dislike that oppressive place. Anyways, it was nice to chat with someone from my past because the last time I actually had contact with her was 1997. We’re going to arrange to do something with each other this summer. The last time she saw me, I was 230 and the time before that I was 140…hopefully, I will be at a nice weight before I see her next. On another note, I just found www.fitday.com it reminds me of an old diet watch before they went to a pay site. I’ve been using them all week. So far so good. We’ll folks, I better get to bed! Take care all-Kellie

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