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April 20, 2005

Things are doing good here. Iím the same weight so Iím okay with that. Iím still concentrating on eating better and exercising but Iíve come to the conclusion that food is always going to be an issue with me. Iím always going to have to watch what I eat because my body is just built that way. Iíve been maintaining my weight by eating 25 points per day and working out at least 3-4 times a week at Curves. I could be doing more but Iím okay with where Iím at. I guess Iím looking at this issue as more of a maintenance thing. I would eventually like to get down to 155 but I will be patient and keep on trying.

Itís amazing how things are but I feel the older I get, the less time I have to myself. In a way, this is a good thing because now Iím actually getting more social. Lately, Iíve been going out with some girls from work and Curves. Itís kind of nice because Iíve never really had that type of connection before. In a way, Iíve always kept myself at a distance from female relationships but Iím finding them nice now. Iím hoping when we move to our new area that I will be able to keep up the friendships still at Curves. Thatís one thing that Iím going to really miss is the girls at Curves but I still have a year so I will enjoy it.

Chris and I are paying off our property quickly and we should have it paid for by the end of July. Iím really getting excited about that. Then we have a year and a half of saving. We are going to do excavating work this winter and possibly put a well on it then too. Then we are planning to build in the end of 2006. I know this is a while, but itís worth the wait.

Work is going good but itís hectic. Sometimes things in my job just make me cringe. I just donít understand people at times. I had a week and a half of well deserved vacation last week and it was wonderful. I went down to my parentís home in Kentucky. It was such a wonderful vacation. It was really relaxing and I got some well deserved rest. We went out a lot and even went down to Gatlinburg, TN. I got to see my friend Teresa and everything is well with her. Hopefully she will be married this year because she has been dating Chris for 10 years now. I especially enjoyed the great weather. Michigan has been warm lately but itís starting to get cold again today. It seemed like a long winter!

Iím addicted to a new hobbyÖGeocaching! I absolutely love it. Itís a type of scavenger hunt with your GPS. We have two so Chris and I are in Heaven. So far we have found 20 ďcachesĒ and weíve done a ton of hiking. Weíve gone to the dunes in Holland and Saugatuck,, MI so needless to say, I have a new active hobby. I got one of the women at work hooked on it too so we went out today and did a mile hike in the woods to find a cache. Itís a great thing so you should check it out if you are the outdoorsy type.

My sister is doing well with her pregnancy. She is still having some severe morning sickness but the doctor stated that this is a good sign. Yikes, I could pass on that. I just got my annual and the doctor believes that I am shrinking. Which I donít think is true but she is sending me for a bone density test. Their records stated that I was 5í7 ľ when I first came in and now Iím 5í6 Ĺ . For the life of me, I cannot remember how tall I was in high school but initially I thought I was 5í7 Ĺ but I could have been 5í6 ĹÖI just donít remember. So that totally freaked me out and my blood pressure went sky high because I was upset so weíll see. Iíll go for the darn test but I donít think Iím shrinking. I just think they measured me with my shoes!

Well folks, life is good, busy, but yet semi quiet. I have a good husbandÖnot too much drama in my life and Iím content. What more could you ask for? Thanks for sticking with meÖtake care all-Kellie

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