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August 6, 2004

Well, a much delayed post. I have to tell you, Iíve been semi afraid to post. It appears that my mom has been browsing my journal which freaked me out because I thought she respected my privacy. In a way, this journal is meant for venting, celebrating, etc. Itís really not meant for people who know me. In a way now I feel semi censored to discuss what is going on hear knowing that I have the potential to have to explain the situation to my parents. Needless to say, my mom denied reading it but I know she did. They voiced their concerns about Chris and now we are ďnot going to mention it anymoreĒ but I have to say, itís been odd since. They seem particularly short with me when we talk on the telephone. They were supposed to come up in August but then they stated ďwe donít have any money to come up so we will be up in October before you get marriedĒ, maybe Iím being punished...who knows because I didnít do anything wrong. At least they are coming up for my wedding. So needless to say, Iíve been extremely stress by the parent situation because I feel that they are mad at me. As for the Chris bachelor party situation, it is better. Weíve communicated, Iíve had my peace with it. Weíll see how it goes. One thing about Chris is that sometimes I just donít how to address things because it just doesnít come up that very often where I need to address things and I use this journal sometimes to work my way through things, ideas, etc.

Besides the parent stress, Iím doing okay. If you want to peek into some wedding stuff, here is my plans so far, just click on the link! Iím really excited about the wedding stuff. Everything this falling into place. We have all the big stuff lined up, now we just have to deal with the little stuff. This weekend Iím on call so we are going up to Carrie and Dennisís to put together the invites. Chris is doing the calligraphy for the envelopes and we are putting together the boxes that have the party favors in them that we are going to use for place card settings. Iím using Carries shoes for the ceremony but then Iím going to wear my berks for the reception because I need some support for my flat feet. Iíve been hanging out at the knot board at www.theknot.com to get some ideas for the wedding. I ran into Tammi on the knot board(you know, Shawnís FI) and she seems really excited about being engaged to him. All I can say is that they are perfect together. Funny thing is that I always knew that they were going to be together. Argh, hopefully he is good to her. He was so bipolar with me where he had me on eggshells. I have to tell you, that it is so nice to be with someone who is very stable. Chrisís mood does not vary much. Heís usually very consistent so itís so nice not to have chaos in the relationship. Life is funny how it works out..isnít it?

The weight, well, itís the wait...til the scale goes down. Iíve relived that there is nothing more that I can do to get it to go down anymore. Obsessing does not work and the scale has been stuck at the current number so I give up. Iím going to continue to track my points, exercise, and not obsesses about it. Funny thing about eating, I signed up for the health magazine whatís the best diet and guess what group I was put in? The Atkins group!!! No!!! I have to admit that I tried it for one day but thatís impossible. I had such a headache that I said no study is worth this much of a pain. I will never doubt WW. Where else can you eat everything you want w/in moderation? Isnít that how humans are supposed to eat? So I will stick to counting my points.

Oh, Chris and I are going to be parents to a new kitty when we get into a house. (Now, we are waiting at least 2-3 years for kids, Iíll start with a cat first!). Carrie and Dennis are foster parenting our cat until we get a house because the apartment will not take any cats. Itís name is patches and itís so cute. The momma cat abandoned it so they took it in and talked me into it. Funny thing is that I think that they will attach to it so I highly doubt if it will be ours. Weíll see!

Iím continuing to be extremely busy. This summer is flying by and fall is fast approaching and I donít even want to think about fall because then my work schedule will go back to the 6pm at night and me being a month behind in paper work. I finally just caught up at work! Plus I donít even want to imagine how Iím going to balance my cases in the fall. Lets just say, thereís job security in the social work field because they cannot export our jobs out to Mexico or India. On that note...have a great day and take care all-Kellie

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