# Of Days On Diet Current Weight Start Weight Goal Weight Total Pounds Lost
105 213 237 140 24

Journal For August

August 31, 1999

Wow, it is the last day of the month so this is my last entry for the month. Wow, Iíve had a hectic month, a lot of changes. Overall this month the last part has been pretty tough. It feels like I have been battling the demons of not to fall into bad habits the last couple of days and that has been driving me nuts. Iím not going to hate myself over what happened last night but it was like I was feeling really empty, like I needed to fill something, me that is, does that make any sense? What I need to do is to hop back onto the pony. I ate well today but the temptation is hard. I guess itís because I havenít been that busy. When I am busy, I donít want to over eat.

Tommorrow, Iím going to go and try to join the YMCA. Hopefully, I will get the student rate because I am a college student. I would think that would be fair. The university I attend has a small pool but their hours are not flexible and they are hardly open.

Well, my goal this month is to try not to get caught up in the food and not too focus on food when I am feeling low. This week, I hope I can salvage it because that TOM is fastly upon me so it looks like itís going to be rough. Wish me luck! Take care all-Kellie

August 30, 1999

Oh no! I found a food that is a new cravingÖBAKED LAYS, cheddar and sour cream. Folks these are so yummy that I have been just craving them lately. Last week when I was in Wal-Mart, I discovered them in the health food isle. They offered a $1.00 off so I thought what a great deal. So Iím hooked now. Though, one serving = 3 points so maybe if I have a serving every other day, I will be fine. Another food I found is a pop, Barqís Red Cream Soda. Oh, I am not a pop drinker but the stuff is good. So I have to battle the munchies this week because itís a jungle when you live alone and when you shop for food. Everything you see sounds good when you are shopping alone. Mainly my fridge is stacked with cheese, milk, veggies, butter, and some other little things. I went shopping today for some water at Krogers and I must say, I absolutely hate Krogers now. They are so over priced! They have this little card thing and if you donít have the card (itís free but I donít want the hassle) itís regular price aka regular price jacked up really high. Like a $2.95 bottle of conditioner by Pantene was 2.75 with the card but it was marked $4.00 without the card! Is that not ridiculous??? Iíll stick with Meijers from now on.

Okay, I consider myself lucky the last couple of days because I havenít exactly followed the diet plan as closely as I did before. Yes, I lost a pound but it feels like I have been eating healthy but unhealthy food. I changed that around today. I totally stuck with the plan (with one minor muchieÖa red cream soda) but I was good. My goal is to treat myself 2x a week with some baked Lays and a red cream soda. I figure if I indulge myself a little, the less likely I will want to over eat. I hope this works! So wish me luck all, take care all-Kellie

****9:50 PM Well all I had my first bingeÖyup BIG MISTAKE!! Oh well, I can just take it day by day. I was feeling bored, just sitting in front of my television so I gravitated towards the baked lays. It was stupid and I thought it would make me feel better to gorge but you know what, it made me feel horrible. It was not a comforting feeling to be full like that. Well thanks for listening.

August 29, 1999

Well another weighin, it looks like I am down another pound this week. I am actually very happy that I lost the pound because my water intake was down and I was eating in the upper allowable point range for the WW123 plan. So far I am on schedule, in that I lose about 7 pounds per month. If I can maintain this steady loss for the next months I will be around 150 when I graduate in May. But, I want to take each day nice and slow and concentrate on my eating habits. So my goals this week is to pack my lunch this week and increase my water intake.

I found a scale that works! I am so happyÖI was unpacking and there it was, my health-o-meter ever weigh digital scale. I totally forgot that I owned it so it was a pleasant surprise to see it.

One thing that I have noticed over the last few weeks my eating is a lifestyle change now. It is coming to me like 2nd nature. Like yesterday, when my parents came for the weekend we went out to eat and I ordered a chicken sandwich and a cup of soup. The old Kellie would have ordered a cheeseburger, with fries, and a coke. Itís like I donít want it anymore. Now thatís amazing! Well, take care all-Kellie 237/213/140 73 MORE POUNDS TO GO!!!

August 28, 1999

Well, my parents came in town today and helped me move my stuff in. I am happy to have my stuff back because it feels like home again. My apartment is really nice, it doesnít even shine a candle to last years apartment. Currently, I have my living room situated but I still have to do the rest of my place.

One thing I found frustrating the last few days is that I cannot weigh myself accurately because the scale is off. This is really driving me crazy because I am wondering what is going on. Iíve eaten ok the last few days but my water consumption is down because of the taste of the water in Lou. They havenít had any rain to wash away the blue algae which inturn makes the water taste funny. They say itís safe to drink but I really doubt that.

Well, Iíll let you know how I do tomorrow. It looks like I have to take a weigh in pic with the black and white web camera. Take care all, Kellie

August 26, 1999

Boy do I have the munchies today! This afternoon, I just had a bowl of wonton soup from the Chinese food place located on campus but nothing else (I could kick myself for that because I should of ate more) but I thought my class got out at 3:30 instead of 4:00. So when I got home, I was pretty hungry but I marinated some chicken then I took a 40-minute walk. When I got home, I grilled my chicken and had some cheese and Melba then I ate 2.5 servings of baked lays. I am kind of disappointed in myself because I had too many chips but I know now that I need to eat lunch, a complete lunch that is. My dinner wasnít exactly balanced either because I am eating junk it feels likeÖI really should limit my cheese intake. Though, I canít wait Ďtil Saturday so I can have my pots and pans back because I donít have anything to cook with. That is a huge pain. Donít get me wrong, I like my George Foreman Grill but I need a saucepan and a skillet. Only two more days!

This semester is going to be a good one I think. I had two classes today and it looks like it will flow smoothly not too much work I hope but there is going to be a ton of group work, which I loathe. I hate it because itís hard to count on other people to pull their own weight for various reasons. Anyways, the biggest comment I got when I was at school today was my new hairstyle. I had straight hair last semester now I have a body wave, which looks nice, but no one said anything about me losing weight. Maybe itís one of those taboo subjects that no one speaks about but still I wished that someone would have commented on it. Oh forget my little insecurities and me, I know I am looking better so I donít really need to fish for compliments I guess!

Well, happy 100 to me that isÖ100 days of being on the diet and I couldnít be happier with being 23 pounds lighter. Now in 100 more days will I be another 23 down? That would be great to weigh 191 sometime in November. To be below that 200 mark would be a blessing. Well folks thatís it for me todayÖtake care all! Kellie

August 25, 1999

Okay, I am finally back! Itís been an incredible busy two days with moving and starting my internship. First off, I am in my new apartment now. It looks a heck of a lot better now than when it did when I first saw it. The landlady really cleaned it well; there is not a spec of dust anywhere. The first night was tough because I donít have a bed to sleep in yet but I do have a pad to lay on the floor so letís just say I didnít sleep well that night! All my furniture is in storage and it will not be out until Saturday when my dad and neighbor officially move me in. So I have nothing right now. Then yesterday I found my TV was broke so I was upset at that because I had that TV since I was a freshman in college so I had to go out and by a new one. I figure I should by it now before I go broke. Overall, lets just say I canít wait Ďtil Saturday so I can have all my stuff here with me. One thing that I have noticed though is that I have pretty friendly neighbors because I had three people introduce themselves to me so that was nice to see, Iím not used to that.

So far my internship looks good. Of course, I am very self-conscious about myself in working with people. I am one of three interns that work there. One is a paid intern that has worked there for five months the other is a fellow second year social work student. The paid one, Meara, seems nice and very goal orientated so she will be an asset to learn from. The other intern, I canít get a hold on her personality. Iíve seen her at school a few times but she was never in the same social circle that I was in. She hung out with this one girl named Qwen (who was as annoying as one could be). So I hope she is not like her! I hope itís going to be a good year because I canít afford another bad internship.

Diet wise I think I am doing good. Though, my cooking is limited to the George Foreman grill. Now let me tell you about that grill: itís absolutely fabulous. If you havenít bought one yet, RUN AND GET ONE! I have never tasted chicken so tender and itís so quick. My chicken takes only 5 minutes, what more could you ask for? But mainly, I think I have been eating a lot of protein so I have to get a better balance food wise because I think itís important to get a balanced mix. One good thing is that I met my goal of weighing 213 today, which was a nice surprise! So thatís it for meÖtake care all!-Kellie

August 23, 1999

Wow, I got back and everything was okay non the tripÖeverything except my mouth (Iíll tell you later what Iím talking about).

First, concerning the diet: I had to eat out when I was driving but I chose to eat at Taco Bell and Subway. I grabbed two tacos when I was at Taco Bell and when I was at Subway, I had their seafood and crab so I stayed within my daily point range. Then when I was at Shawnís he cooked mostly. On one day I had spaghetti and the other time I had burritos. The only time I ate out was on Saturday and I had a whopper junior minus Mayo and tomatoes (I hate Ďem) and heavy onions (I love Ďem). So overall, I did okay. But I only had a pound loss for the week, which is better than I expected so I am down to 214! I was hoping to make my 213 goal today but it didnít happen today but it will happen sometime this week. One thing that I noticed that helped this weekend is that I didnít go anywhere without my water bottle. I drank a ton of water. Plus, I know now that my eating habits now has changed for the better!

Okay the mouth part, well I had to come home home (my parents house) because my dental work is giving me trouble. Remember when I went to the dentist a few weeks back? Well I think my bite is off because I canít even eat on one side of my mouth. Itís so painful so instead of living with the pain, I decided to come home and get things taken care of before they get worse. No more fooling with my mouth!

So after I go to the dentist at 1:00 pm, Iím heading home to Louisville. The man that had it is completely gone and the apartment is mine. Itís a lot cute when his stuff is moved out. So they are painting today and my stuff wonít be moved until Saturday. Iíll update the page tomorrow when I am at the university. My internship starts tomorrow too so wish me luck! Take care all, Kellie 237/214/140 74 more pounds to go!!!

August 19, 1999

Tomorrow is the of reckoningÖah guys, I know I am making this a bigger deal then it is but Iím honestly nervous about the whole situation. Just think, pretty soon you wonít have to read about this anymore because it will soon be over and forgotten. So please just bear with me one more day. I just donít know what to expect, in all itís been five long months since Iíve seen him so I must prepare myself mentally. Though, itís going to be a quick trip because I am due back in Louisville around four to pass the check to the previous renter (I hope!). In all I just hope for a nice relaxing weekend! So you all think about me for a moment this weekend and wish my some strength and self control.

I went to KMART today and I bought a shirt in the regular departmentÖI am now able to wear an x-large again and it felt great. Itís a cute rose fleece shirt and it will look great on me in the fall, I canít wait till the weather cools and I can sport around wearing it. It was only $9.99 so I could not pass up that deal. Then I went to Dollar General and I spent $46 on cleaning supplies and apartment stuff. If I had bought all that junk in Louisville it would have cost a ton of money because the cost of living is higher there and groceries are expensive.

I will update the page on Monday when I am at the University so take care all and good luck this weekend and wish me the same! ĖKellie

August 18, 1999

Well, it looks like I can move into my apartment on Sunday. I am paying the previous rent $150 dollars to move out early. It was lucky that I caught him because he doesnít exactly live there anymore, his stuff is only occupying the space. So on Sunday, I am meeting him and my landlord and I am going to hand him over the dough. This whole situation has been nerve racking, I only hope that I can calm down a bit about the whole situation. Moving is just crazy!

Yesterday, I went to Taco Bell and got a burrito (you know the 99 cent one), a taco, and some pintos and cheese and you know what? My stomach was messed up all last night. Oh gosh, that will be the last time I will eat anything besides a taco from Taco Bell. Since my tummy was aching last night I just ate a bowl of salad because even then I was forcing myself to eat. I just didnít feel good.

Today, Iím just going to rest and try to get my affairs in order. So yíall have a good day and I will chat with you tomorrow! Take care all-Kellie

August 17, 1999

Aghghg!!! Everything is happening so fast this week because I have to move back to Louisville next week for my school and my internship so my heading is a spinning right now. There are several things that I must get done before I leave though because as of right now when I leave on Friday to go to Michigan, it doesnít look like I am going home until the weekend of the 27th so I have to get things in order. First I have to chat with my landlady to see if the man has moved out of my apartment so I can move in. Then if he has not moved yet, Iím going to have to stay in a hotel or something for a week before I can move in. So I donít know what to do first! And I really hate to think about it!

Then I have to deal with going up to MichiganÖI swear sometimes I can quick myself because of my poor decision making skills. Iím going to be worn out! Plus it will be the ultimate test of my weightloss journey yet because Iím going to be back in my own food compulsive-eating environment. Yes folks, Shawn and I have a long history of gorging ourselves with food so I am scared. Have I enough control to avoid the familiarity of gorging myself? I know I have but I have to maintain the control because letting myself succumb to my old lifestyle would be horrible. Though, I should never underestimate myself because I have worked hard these last three months and DAMN IT I AM GOING TO BE 140 ONE DAY NEXT YEAR!!!!!Besides, I feel I have changedÖreally both physically and mentally, I am in control of what I eat so I am going to be okay during this trip. 2 more days until I leave. Well thatís it for me today-Take care all-Kellie

August 16, 1999

Wow!!! My job is OVER!!! Yippy. I swear I could be a life time student because I hate to work. Each August I am just so tired from working that I canít wait Ďtil I go back to school. I think itís because I usually get this *hit jobs that psychically/mentally wear me out. I guess when I get out of school; maybe I might finally find a job that I truly enjoy. The best job I ever had was that I was a camp counselor at a Girl Scout Camp in Michigan for two years. I enjoyed the outdoors, the creativity, and the kids. Mmmm, maybe thatís an idea, I could be a camp director after getting my masters degree. Who knows, Iím just glad I get a mini vacation before I go back to school.

Okay, I avoided that scale this morning! I am so proud of myself because I swear once I got into that pattern of weighing myself each morn, I couldnít stopÖitís addicting. I believe in weighing myself in the morning, odd yes but it works for me. I think I do it because itís a true weight. Well, thatís it for me today, take care all-Kellie

August 15, 1999

For the week, I am down 2.5 pounds. Basically I knew this at the beginning of the week because I was jumping on the scale all last week! Shame on me. I vowed this week not to step on that darn scale accept on my weigh in day because I really like being surprised about my weigh in. Hopefully, Iíll lose my 2 pounds by next week so I can reach my monthly sub-goal by next weekend. This week is going to be tough because Iím driving up to Grand Rapids, MI to see Shawn. I was going to go for a four day weekend but I canít afford to stay that long because Iím renting a car and Shawn now decided that he was only go to pay $70 (he was going to pay for the whole thing). I own a nice car but I have a lot of miles on it, 162,000 to be exact. Itís a 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme and itís in good shape but I donít like taking it on trips because I never know what may happen to it. Then when I come back, I start school and my internship! So itís going to be hectic because I have to figure out where I can stay because I canít move into my place until September 1st or when the other renter gets out of there earlier so itís up in the air right now. Iíll call the landlord tomorrow to see if she chatted with the rent or not to see if I can buy out their last weeks in rent. So my goal this week is not to go off my regime due to the stress this week because itís going to get stressfulÖSo on that note, Iím off to my last day of work. Iím so excited!! Take care all-Kellie 237/215/140 75 MORE TO GO!!!!

August 14, 1999

Wow, itís almost the middle of August!! Can you believe that? Soon the summer will be ending and fall will be upon us. I used to love summer when I lived in Michigan but now I hate it since Iíve been in the south because itís too hot and humid down here. The summers I have been down here have been nothing but droughtish weather. They say the worst months down here are July Ė August so I believe them. I remember last year that I didnít need a heavier jacket until late November.

It was supposed to be my last day of work today but they asked me to come in one more day because they wanted me to orientate another staff member who will be taking my place. Oh well, I canít complain much because when that extra $90 bucks comes I wonít be complaining too much because it will buy me a couple of weeks groceries. Yesterday, I bought a grayscale quick connect web cam for $11.00 at Surplus Auction so I might be adding some web-cam function to my page in the future, itís was cheap and just an idea.

One thing has been annoying me about myself is that I am jumping on the scale each morning when I wake up, and folks this is annoying me! Itís like I have to know but I donít want to do this. I hate doing this because I think I only should weigh in once a week and to see my weight everyday gives it a less than numbing effect on Sunday so letís just say I need a kick in the but and I need to stay away from that darn scale!!! Well thatís it for me today, take care all-Kellie

August 12, 1999

I had another day off today so I went out to lunch with a co-worker today, Victoria. Sheís awesome Iím really going to miss her because she was my confidant. We worked together on the same shift and our team (me, Victoria, and Jeremy) did awesome together at work. I think we all worked out well on my shift is because we all communicated with each other effectively. When we had team meetings on Tuesday, they brought in all the full timers to work so we saw how the others worked together and the other team sucked, really they did. 1. They would run to management every time they have a problemÖit was like they could not handle things on their own. Like the littlest problem they stressed over. In my opinion, management is the last place you should run to if you had problems. 2. They would lecture the kids over every little thing. I think when you lecture a kid they donít really listen. Everyone knows thatís true because we tend to shut down our attention span when that happens. So besides Jeremy and Victoria, I donít think I will miss too many people because the other co-workers and management were hard to get a long with because they were so rigid and stiff. On another work note, Iím working the next two days and itís Friday the 13th tomorrow and itís a full moon out! So I bet itís going to be hectic. You know what the full moon does to a personÖ

Anyways Victoria and I went to lunch at Fazolliís. I had a plate of Spaghetti Marinera, 3 bread sticks, and a side salad. For dinner, I think I will have a salad or something because Iím not too hungry right now. When I ate lunch today, it was the first time that I ate out and did not eat everything on my plate. I actually stopped when I was stuffed. I swear itís an instinct to eat everything on your plate that dateís back to childhood. People donít like to overeat, yet they like you to eat everything on your plate???? Now thatís a point to ponder. On that note Iím signing out, take care all-Kellie

August 11, 1999

Doing good today so farÖa wee bit tired because I had to work late last night and I had an 8:30 am dental appointment. I finally got the rest of my fillings refilled! I swear I will never procrastinate in going to the dentist because it only gets worse if you do not get the stuff that needs to be done, done! I think everyone has to find the right dentist for himself or herself because heck I think a bad dentist has traumatized us all in some way. I know I wasÖanyways it was a pleasant experience so I will be going back there when I need to.

Since I am not working today, I think Iím going to just lounge around the house because my time of vacation from work/school is almost up. Shawn wants me to come to Michigan next week so I donít know if Iím going to do that. The funny thing about Shawn is that I love Ďem but hate Ďem. I guess itís hard to explain and itís hard to let things go from the past. I donít knowÖIím just taking it a day at a time. It helps that he is in Michigan so I can figure things out. Like when we get together itís great but like when we were in college he suffocated me to death, he was always in my space, he was always wanting me to entertain him (a.k.a. HIGH MATIENCE!!!). Plus, I havenít told him that Iím losing weight yet because he gets so insecure. I swear if I go to Michigan and he asks me about it I think I will try to play it off, the weight thing that is: I really donít want him to know. I know that is terribly awful but I donít want to put up with his insecurities. Before when I lived in Michigan, he would try to sabotage my diet efforts by encouraging us to eat out, be around food, not be able to take time for working out, etc. so I donít think things have changed one bit. First, Iím going to lose this weight then Iíll work on my relationship issues. I can only tackle one thing at a time.

One thing about cravings that I have noticed is that if I allow myself to eat what I desire (in some cases) I crave less. Like today for lunch I had one whole egg and 2 additional egg whites and I scrambled them with cheese, onions, and green peppers and I had two pieces of bacon. Since WW lets me eat what I want I choose to occasionally eat those foods because I do crave fatty foods once and a while. But when you look at it overall, what I ate wasnít exactly bad for you. But I wouldnít eat it every day either. Just maybe once a week to keep me satisfied. So far, I havenít been unsatisfied with the diet, nor have I become bored because I am enjoying what I eat. Well thatís it for me today so yíall take care-Kellie

August 10, 1999

A month from yesterday is my birthday. I am going to be a whopping 24 years old! The neat thing about my birthday is that it will be on 9-9-99. Then take a guess what time I was born? Yes, 9:09 pm. So lets just say that itís very strange. Letís just say the number nine is my lucky number.

I have one question about that TOMÖwhy do we tend to put on water weight? Is it the hormones or what? It occurred last week, and I jumped on the scale this morning and already I am at 215, which puts me 2.5 pounds down from the Sunday weighin. Usually I donít weigh myself like that but I was kind of curious about it.

I have some great recipes that I got from work to share with you all. I have a recipe for lowfat meatloaf and itís the best darn meatloaf that I have ever eaten. I will post the recipes sometime this week so I can share it with you all because they are low fat and delicious.

I noticed today in the mirror that Iím getting those stretch marks on my tummy. I looks like I should be starting an exercise program real quick to combat that. I was using cocoa butter but I stopped for a while so I better start using it again because there is a big difference in skin texture. Well thatís all for me today, take care all-Kellie

August 8, 1999

Whew! Long weekend and I have lots to say today. Weíll first off Iíll talk about how my diet went this weekend then I will discuss the trials and tribulations about apartment hunting in Louisville.

Okay the diet went okay. I guess I could have done better but I stuck with my points. Vacations/Travelling is rough on a diet though because there are not a lot of options you have to deal with. On Friday, for lunch I just had a bowl of chili from Steak and Shake, and for dinner I had an Arbyís Regular with a side salad. Then on Saturday I had 3 tacos from Taco Bell, (yes 3 because I was so hungry from not eating breakfast that morningÖshame on me, I know) and then for dinner I had a chocolate shake and a bowl of chili again from Steak and Shake. Normally I would have been stocked with fruit but my sister has the cooler and sheís up in Michigan (last time she was down here she Ďborrowedí it so who knows when sheíll bring it back). Needless to say, I was very happy with the pound loss because the last couple of days I was eating out. You know 3 months ago I would have been happy to eat out every meal but now I actually DREAD it. Yes, eating out is a part of our lives but I choose now not to eat the burgers and fries and itís difficult!! Especially since greasy high fat food is a trigger food. Though, I am proud of my accomplishments and myself so far. I never dreamed that losing the weight would be so easy and hassle free. I could just kiss Weight Watchers for developing their program.

DAY ONE: Okay, now hereís the apartment hunting details. My parents and me started off on Friday morning to look for an apartment. Since we are so sick of traveling I-75 we chose an alternate route to go to Louisville. This alternate route took 3.5 hours compared to 2 hours! When we get in town we head to a place in Louisville called the Highlands. The Highlands is one of the oldest parts of Louisville, the neighborhood is loaded with Victorian Homes so the architecture is just beautiful. We are driving around a while and we get to this place in the Cherokee Triangle district, a posh old Victorian area right near the highlands that is considered more Ďexclusiveí than the Highlands. Thereís a three-story home that had a sign that states apartment for rent. We go in and look and the place is just fabulous, this place was my absolute dream apartment: 9 foot ceilings with ceiling fans, crown molding that was 85 years old or more, wood floors, stained glass windows, and the coolest kitchen ever. The women letting view the apartment at first said, ďI donít know if a student can afford this placeĒ. Though, I was in love with this place and then she sounded like she wanted me to rent the place like she was totally buttering me up like a biscuit. Okay then she gave me the priceÖ560 per month with utilities included. WOW, now thatís a lot! I could do it but I would have to barrow the maximum amount of money from financial aid. I then take the application and I told here that Iím going to check around a bit to see what else is out there. So my parents and I are hungry so we grab a bite to eat and I started to think about the apartment. Thatís what I really wanted so I said why not, itís a great areaÖminutes from the university and my internship so Iíll do it. Then I take back my application and ask her if she wants a deposit and she states that she wouldnít want a deposit from me just yet. She pitter/patters around a bit then she said are you sure you can afford this? And I said, ďYes, I canĒ. Then she said ďWell, I have another girl coming today too look at it so I promised her she could look at it. But I will let you know by Sunday if you can have it. But you shouldnít worry about if. But donít have hard feelings if you donít get it.Ē Okay, so basically she was beating around the bush trying to basically say then I canít have it. Then she calls her so over to talk to him about renting to me so I got the impression she was done with me so my parents and me left. Then, I was pissed; here I wasted all that time on the apartment when she said basically she wasnít interested in me. So we stop at this one place right near there. An older woman was in the back fixing the lawn. We asked her about the apartment and she stated that she was the owner. We go and view the apartment but there are two problems: 1. I was distraught that that other women wouldnít rent to me so I really did not want to look at the place and 2. the renter in the place will not be out until September 1 and I need the apartment August 19 so I can get ready for school and all. The place was cute but the renter had stuff everywhere and it needed to be badly cleaned but the rent was so much cheaper and with all utilities paid. But I knew I needed a place sooner so I basically crossed that place off the list. So we drive away from that place and we are traveling by a golf course and a ball hits our car and does some pretty nasty damage. So we had to take care of that situation and that took 2 hours. Then we start looking again; we drove around for 3 hours but no luck finding anything. Then we are going down the road and something happens with the muffler, the pipe broke off so the sound of the car was horrible. After this happened we decided to get to a hotel because we were all tired. When we try to get a room at two hotels they were booked. To find out Louisville was having a classic car show and about 70,000 people were in town for it! So we went everywhere and finally we found a place to stay. So basically we wasted the day because we were not even close to finding an apartment.

DAY TWO: I slept horribly. We get up earlier to get the car fixed at Midas, luckily they got my dad in there first. So we start driving around just trying to find something. By 2pm I still havenít found anything that sparked my interest so we start going top apartment complexes and they were expensiveÖlike $600+ utilities. We all started to worry. So I sit down and think about that one apartment that was cheap but it wasnít available until September. I thought for that price, I can stay at a hotel for a week. Luckily the older woman was home and she was able to meet us again. I looked at the place again and I decided it was a hell of a lot nice then the other places that I looked at and itís so much cheaper. So I rented it! Yahoo, I finally got a place. It may not be my dream apartment but heck; I shouldnít have to stretch myself out like that either. So I get home and I have a message on my machine from the dream apartment women stating that she would love to have me as a renter, etc. and she wanted me to call her back ASAP, it was late so I didnít call her. Then she calls at 8:00am this morning wondering if I wanted it or not, I told her that I got the vibe she wasnít going to rent to me so I looked elsewhere. She said it was a miscommunication because she wasnít done with me when she called her son over and she said that she just wanted to discuss it with him. Needless to say though, she should have grabbed that deposit offer from me when she had the chance. Plus, she shouldnít have mentioned the other girl. Her mistake saved me 145 a month so basically everything works out in the long run!!!

So Iím happy with my weightloss and I am happy to rest today so itís all good. Plus, itís a secure feeling to know that I have an apartment lined up. Thank goodness! So thanks for putting up with my long posting and take care all-Kellie 238/217.5/140 77.5 pounds to go!!

August 5, 1999

Today, I had a handful of regular potato chips and you know what? They tasted horrible. I would take my fat-free Pringles over those chips any time. What happened was that I was sitting in the breakroom at work and there they sat cheddar and onion chips. My curiosity was overwhelming me so I grabbed a handful. Do I feel guilty about eating them? Mildly yes but I learned one thing, I can now control what I put into my mouth and high fat chips are not always the best.

I get to go apartment hunting tomorrow. Hopefully I am going to find something mildly good for a okay price. Last year I got trapped at this one place and it was a cute apartment but two things were bad. I had a bug problem if you know what I mean (and I was super clean!) and it was in a bad part of Louisville. I couldnít even talk a walk last year because I felt so unsafe. So this year I figure I will have to shove out the bucks to get someplace good. My dream apartment would be an apartment in an old Victorian house. I could only wish. Iíll let you know how I did on Saturday. The one bad thing about apartment hunting is that I am going to stay over there for the night so it looks like I am going to be hitting the fast food places so wish me luck and strength. I have no other alternativesÖI can do it! Well take care all-Kellie

August 4, 1999

Wow where is this week going?? Itís going way to quickly, thank goodness because only 1 more week of work. T- minus 5 times to work and counting!!! Funny thing I remembered doing the other day when I was taking my measurements is that I was looking where I fall into on a size chart. Right now, I think Iím like in a 18 sized person bust, 22 sized person hips, and 20 sized person waist so I am all over the board. I am really hesitating buying any clothing for the fall. Today I tried on my khaki pants that are a size 18 to see how they fit and they look great but I still have a some ďfat hangoverĒ (you know the fat from your waist/tummy that fits over your jeans when you zip the zipper and button the button, yes this is KELLIE LINGO).

Another odd thing I did today was that I was looking at my driverís license for the state of Kentucky. I was just remembering how when I still had my Michigan drivers license people thought it was a fake id or something, especially when I bought alcohol. When I was 21, I chose to renew my license by mail because I simply couldnít deal with the way I looked so I just got a sticker on the back of it so it could be renewed. One time Shawn and I went out to eat (yes, we went out to eat a lotÖ) at the Olive Garden and I had this waitress that looked at the license and state ďThis couldnít possibly be youÖ.you look nothing like the girl in the picture because she is skinny and itís obvious that you are notĒÖokay then I started to cringe and then I went off on the *itch

***August 17: I just noticed this, part of my page is gone and I don't save all my enteries. Damn that ticks me off! So sorry all that you cannot read the beginning enteries from August. I'll besure to back up my page from now on!

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