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January 24, 2005

Argh, Iím so sick right now. Iíve been sick since the 13th but it got worse last Friday on the 21st. I had today off anyways because I was supposed to go to the dentist. My dentist is so far away from work I figured it would be nice to take a day off to relax and enjoy myself. Unfortunately, I was sick so all I have been doing is laying around and trying to recover. Needless to say, I had to cancel with the dentist. Iíve never cancelled on her and I feel like a real heal because I didnít give her any heads up. Though, I didnít have any clue on Friday that I would still be sick. So instead of going to the dentist, I went into see the doctor. I have a upper respiratory infection so they put me on some zithromax (I guess itís an antibiotic). My whole body hurts, my head feels like a balloon, my voice is gone, and my chest hurts from coughing. Needless to say, Iím not going into work tomorrow because even when I cooked myself dinner tonight, I was exhausted. So Iíll try to go back in on Wednesday but Iím not going to push it. I pushed it last week and I got sicker because of it.

Did you hear that today is supposedly supposed to be the most depressing day of the year? Funny, thinking back, I think today is Shawnís birthday. Speaking of Shawn, when I went to the doctor today and they asked me who my emergency contact was and they asked if it was Shawn, I laughed and said ďhell noĒ. Funny how things change in the past few years. Iím married and heís getting married to Tammi (his ex-boss). I remember our ďbreak upĒ conversation of him stating that I would regret it. Well, you know what, I havenít and I wonít. Anyways, they suit each other perfectly. I have to say, that Iím glad I had that few months were I didnít date anyone and I was alone. That was a good time and I was able to get things straight. Plus, it made me appreciate Chris even more after dating Shawn and Creepy. I feel fortunate to have found Chris when I did because he suits me perfectly.

My scale stated that I was 160 this morning so I must be around 165-166 at Weight Watchers. Iím sure Iím totally down right now because of my liquid diet. Since Friday, Iíve been only taking in liquids mainly like yogurt smoothies, juice, water, and chicken noodle soup. I was even able to work out 4 times last week! Unfortunately, it wonít be like that this week because Iím not going back until Iím feeling 90%. I just donít want to over do it. My jeans are getting loose again so I know Iím losing. I bought the Zone Pilates Video so I will let you know if it works. Itís supposed to be 10 minutes a day 3x a week and you are supposed to be firmer in 6 weeks. Iím a sucker for a good weightloss video. Iíll let you know if it was worth the $29 dollars.

Things are getting together here. Iím having more time for myself, Iím able to work out 4x a week, I went to Weight Watchers a week ago and renewed my faith in the program (I was planning to go on Saturday but I just couldnít drag myself out bed due to being sick), and the apartment is clean! Itís much better here when it is clean and organized. We figure that we are going to stay in our apartment for another year. Then we are going to move up near the property. Wait, did I tell you all that Chris and I are land owners?!?!? We closed on the property last Thursday. We are the proud owners of a .4 acre lot in a resort community with a private lake. We bought the lot for $12500 and itís worth $17500. Next spring we are going to build a reproduction of a 1920s bungalow but it is going to be a 1 story. I have pictures but they are on Chrisís laptop. We are just going to save, save, save this year so we would only have to take out a small mortgage and my family is going to help me out with some of the stuff. So itís going to be an exciting year. Well, hereís to a healthy week! Take care all-Kellie

January 12, 2005

You know, Iíve been having the best intentions to write but sometimes the best intentions go astray. As we all do in January (or at least most of us) make resolutions. I honestly took sometime out during the past few weeks to organize my life a little better and see where I honestly do need to change. Looking back over the past year, I think I lost myself somewhere. I donít know exactly where but I did. Now, Iím trying to figure out again, who I am and what do I want to do differently this year. So here it goes...

Well, Iím trying to beat the statistics because I was done a total of 69 pounds at my lowest weight of 157 back in June of 2003 last year I weighed between 165-170 so I would like to lose the reminder of the weight. I admit to allowing the weight to ever so slowly to creep back onto my frame. For the past six months, Iíve pretty much been 167-170. So what was I doing wrong? Well, I wasnít taking responsibility by watching what went into my mouth. I stopped going to the meetings. I just ran into the meetings to weigh in every four weeks. I didnít track my points and I discontinued working out a lot. In my prime, I was at Curves 4x per week. Prior to Christmas I was at Curves 1x per 2 weeks. I got home, I was exhausted, and I had no time to myself. Work was hectic, my schedule was hectic, so Iím vowing to take back my life and simply it. So whatís my plan? Well I have got to make things easier for myself so Iím starting to play with my schedule some and not allowing myself to work past 6:15 pm at night. Thatís right, Iím putting myself first and not my clients needs first so with that extra time I can get my 3 - 4 workouts per week at Curves. Last week, I started a designated cook day where I cook dinners for myself for the week and freeze them until I need them so Iím not attempting to cook at 7:45 at night after working out. Thatís been making my life a heck of a lot easier because all I have to do is thaw the dinner out and cook up some veggie. Speaking of veggie, Iím cooking more of them now and eating at least one of these per meal (spinach, squash, zucchini, brussels sprouts, and asparagus). Plus, Iím including more fiber in my eating such as whole wheat couscous, cherry flavored prunes, and high fiber cereal as a snack. So Iíve been at this for about a week and itís working. I have to go get resigned up at Weight Watchers this week because I let my membership lapse. My last weigh in was right after Thanksgiving so now I have to register again since itís been six weeks. Iím planning on going on Friday morning at 7:00 am because it seems like my life will not allow an 8:30 am Saturday morning meeting. I hate the thought of paying the registration fees again because I just let my membership lapse by two weeks but at least Iím going to be back on track. I think I took the meetings for granted because in the last year of not attending any meetings, I havenít really lost any weight. I think by not going, I just lost site of my goal. So needless to say, it feels good to be back on track because itís been a while.

I had a nice Christmas but prior to Christmas I was having a rough time. I was going through one of my ďfunksĒ. Iím doing a heck of a lot better now but I was just really sad there for a while. Then a week before Christmas, I did a HORRIBLE oncall shift for work so it didnít help me with the holiday spirit. Then my parents came up and I hung out with them and my sister and her husband so that was nice. Then I took a week off and just relaxed. I spent most of the time with the folks at the cabin. We went antiquing one of the days and I was able to find that vintage cabinet in the background of the picture. I was so excited to get my jadeite out and display it. It was like it was meant for me. Then I cleaned my apartment when I got home from my parents last week. I did a deep clean. Chris helped with the kitchen and bath too. I tore through the closet and got rid of a lot of junk. I think I got ride of 16 trash bags of stuff that was just junk like old shoes, magazines, papers from graduate school, etc. My place is spotless now and it finally feels like a home. I really hate it when it gets dirty. I told Chris that we need to keep this up because Iím not going to live in a pig stye any more. Iíve gotten into a routine where Iím spending about 15 minutes a night on cleanup so every little bit helps. I also did all the laundry finally, about 9 loads so everything is clean. No more dirty/clean clothes just hanging out. Well thatís it for me tonight, take care all-Kellie

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