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January 3, 2016

Holy smokes...a lot of living has occurred since I last wrote on this page. I started the page in May of 1999. Somehow, itís January of 2016 now. Itís kind of mind blowing that 17 years have passed. 8 years have passed since Iíve actually written on the page. I had another site but after I never really had the spark to write after this page. It was a combination of things. Thinking that the internet was anonymous...yeah, the early days of the net where you think that others would not find you. Which is not the case. As life gets older, it gets a tad more complicated. My life in my 20s - mid 30s were simple and fun. Settling into my personality, finding my first job, my husband, and my dream home. Then reality hits...changes. Becoming a parent, moving from dream house/dream job then settling into whatever to make ends meet for a bit. New house which is big and stunning yet neighborhood doesnít match our personalities as much as we thought. Then stability again...dream job again. Which brings satisfaction in...new years which brings new goals... So Iím ready to blog again. Retake my space back as it needs to occur. Sometimes itís just hitting the basics again. Revisiting yourself to become yourself again.