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Journal For July

July 31, 1999

Wow, can you believe it is the end of July???? The summer is going so fast! Pretty soon, Iíll be back in school finishing my last year of masterís degree workÖthen I am in the real world for good. A lot of stuff is going to change for me this month, especially when I move back to Louisville. I will be on my own again and cooking for myself so Iím a tad bit scared for that. I forecast that my fridge will be loaded with frozen Michaelinaís Dinners. Overall, I had a pretty good month. Weightloss wise it was great because I lost a total of 7 pounds, which is amazing. I donít expect a big loss this week; it will be around a pound. Weíll see how it goes tomorrow.

I told them I was quitting at work yesterday. I half-expected swearing and other stuff at me, who knows, they might be happy about me leaving. The funny thing is that Stacie (the 125 pound whiner about her weight...she always stated that she was fat) walked in and quite yesterday. She simply walked out. I swear she was the most ignorant person I have ever met in my life. I donít believe she will go far in life because she is so so so ignorant about life and people. She was able to get 4 staff members to cry because she picked on them so much. She hated me because I wouldnít put up with her crap. So Iím glade to see her go. Well thatís it for me today, take care all-Kellie

July 29, 1999

I went to the dentist this morning and got four of my six fillings done (Yes, I have a total of six fillingsÖbad I know but thank goodness they were only refillings). At first I got the laughing gas but I couldnít handle it this time because it was making me nauseous so I just took the needle. My mouth is still sore because I had 3 shots. Two weeks from now is when I have to go back for the rest. At least I got the majority of them done.

Needless to say, I skipped breakfast this morning and for lunch I had 2.5 soft tacos from Taco Bell because my mouth is so sore. One thing that I have noticed is that I am eating at the upper end of the point range this week for the WW plan. I donít know if this is good or not but I havenít jumped on the scale to check yet either, so for those who are using the WW plan let me know if this is correct or should I try to vary it. I was just curiousÖsince Iím on the at home plan, I donít have anyone to turn to! (accept all of you and I am very thankful for that!) Overall, so far this week I am doing great diet wise. I forecast a pound loss this week and it would be nice to see that.

Tommorrow is going to be stressful at work: I am telling them I am quitting. I figure Iím going to have to put up with some verbal diarrhea and some bashing for leaving because they put some money into me and they thought it was going to pan out. But it was never going to fly because me and the clinical social worker Evil Curtis, donít see eye to eye. I find him to be a competitive jerk that seems to wind-up the kids (and heís supposed to be their therapist?!?!!?!) Besides he told me that I wasnít meeting his expectationsÖso ***k him. Though, I always hate to quit. But heck, I have a better internship planned out for me in Louisville so I am looking forward to that. Maybe I will find a human service job that I will finally like or if this is a bust forget social workÖIíll find something else because I canít manage the stress of a hostile environment. Well thatís it! Take care all-Kellie

July 27, 1999

Kind of sore todayÖwork was a bit bumpy (I work at a psychiatric in-patient home for teen boys) so I got a little roughed up last night. I have some bruises on my waist so it was pretty uncomfortable to sleep last night.

They had barbecue wings last night that I couldnít pass upÖthough I must say I feel kind of guilty for eating one because I didnít eat it out of hunger but out of temptation (plus I love barbecue). Though, I just canít pull stuff like that because that is a total trigger food and I know it will make things worse to have a taste of it. Hopefully I can get that out of my mind! Weíll thatís it for me today, take care all!-Kellie

July 26, 1999

Another 1.5 pounds down this week!!! It was nice to see that loss. Iíve being losing weight steadily since starting and it makes me kind of wonder when will I hit that plateau. We all will hit them sometime but when will mine come. Or is it possible to lose weight without a plateau? If the plateau can wait until my 200 pound mark, I will be okay. I canít believe I am only 20 pounds from 200! When I wasnít losing 200 seemed so far away, like it would be impossible for me to achieve that weight againÖbut now itís maybe 3 months of dieting away. So by October, I might be 200!!! That would be a dream come true.

I went shopping on FridayÖI donít think I wrote about that at all. It was nice to see what results I have made so far in my weightloss. The store had a 65% of sale so I bought two shirts, a long skirt, and a pair of pants. I was thinking ahead in the pants department because they will fit me better at 200 than they do at 220. Itís kind of hard to shop for things now because I am losing and I donít really want to waste any money on clothes. But I still need some for fall.

I had an ice cream sundae last night. Boy was it good. I had some lite ice cream and some Hershey no fat fudge on it. Thank goodness I donít crave sweets or I would be in big trouble. Though it was a nice treat. Weíll all, take care-Kellie 237/220/140 80 MORE POUNDS TO GO!!!!

July 24, 1999

Hi allÖfeeling a tad bit under the weather today. I think I am battling off a cold. I went to the dentist yesterday and must admit that it was almost an enjoyable experience. The only downfall was that they were trying to push this panoramic x-ray on me and I know my insurance wouldnít cover it so I refused it so I had to sit there and listen to their sales pitch about how I needed it blah, blah, and blah. Finally they got the hint that I wasnít going to take it so they let it be. Well, I have to get all(6) the fillings in my mouth replaced (most of them are 15 Ė 17 years old) so that is going to be painful. You bet that they are going to have to put me on some laughing gas because I donít take pain too well. My next appointment is next Thursday so Iím not particularly looking forward to it.

Yesterday, I didnít eat the most healthily because I discovered a coffee shop in downtown London, KY!!! Now folks this is big because I havenít had a decent cup of Joe since I moved from Michigan. I got a tall Cafť Mocha and I loved every drop of it. When I lived in Mt. Pleasant, when I went to college at CMU, they had a cafť right on the corner of the campus and they whipped up some of the best coffees in the state of Michigan. Then for lunch, I stopped at a gourmet sub shop and got a sub with a bag of baked lays so overall I was a tad bit unhealthy but I only went over 2 points yesterday so that was goodÖand it was worth it. I was feeling a bit guilty so I jumped on the scale this morning and it didnít do any damage so thank God for that! Well tomorrow is the big weigh in dayÖweíll see how I do. Take care all-Kellie

July 22, 1999

Whew!!! The week is almost over and I have Fri, Sat, and Sun off! My sister is coming down from Michigan to visit us here in KY country so that will be nice. Tomorrow I have a dental appointment, yikesÖI have a severe phobia of dentist possibly due to the fact, I have never had a good experience with one. I find two professions very cocky/patronizing (this is my opinion): Dentists and Bank Workers. Iíve gotten to the point with the bank workers is that I will only use my ATM card to interact with the Bank. I truly have never gotten good services with those individuals mentionedÖplease donít hate me too much but itís true, so if you are one of those people Iím sure you are nice to your customers.

Yesterday, was the first time that I really didnít feel like eating too much. I felt full all day so I had to force myself to eat the food yesterday. Another thing that I noticed is that maybe I am eating too many carbsÖIs that possible to say? Itís not that I am overeating on carbs but I notice a large percentage of what I prefer to eat on my diet is carbs, so should I try to make some changes? Like trying to add some major protein in? If you could help me I would like thatÖor maybe I should post it on the board. Iíll see..Well anyways, take care all-Kellie

July 21, 1999

I think I had a momentary lapse in judgement the last couple of days when it comes to stress. I know that you can only be stressed out when you allow yourself to be bothered by situations and others. So far, I am letting people in my work life and personal life get under my skin. The job this summer I am working at is tough. Itís like I have a ton of people just trying to catch me do something wrong. Like last night, one of the kids isnít interacting well with another shifts female staff members. You see this is because they (the other female staff and the boy) are not interacting with each other. How can this boy go to them and interact with them when the other females are never around yet they expect him to? So I got in verbal discussion (AKA a disagreement with another staff) because she said I was letting him slide with rules, yet she wasnít even there to watch him and me interact? Sorry but I never let things slide with rules at workÖnow thatís intelligent. Iím telling you, I canít wait Ďtil this job is OVER because I am sick of the attitudes that are flying around that place. Itís hard not having work consume you and wrap you up with stress.

The diet is doing great. Iím really canít believe I actually found a program that worked for me! Though with working around 50 hours / 10 hours a day, I have noticed that I am really hungry and it takes a lot of self-control not to over eat when I am off from work. So thatís that! Take Care All-Kellie

July 20, 1999

Hi allÖIím a little stressed and exhausted about my work and personal life this week. So far so Iím telling you that I have been tempted to float to the fridge and pull out the high fat food and binge. Luckily, the only thing that is stopping me from doing this is my sure will and determination because I am doing really well. I hate the fact that whenever things get stressed, that I automatically get the urge to turn to food. Iím trying to curb that by distracting myself by doing various other activities. I keep on telling myself, ĎĒeverything will be all right and there is no reason to turn to foodĒ. Ultimately, this experience will make me stronger to know that I can push off the ideas to turn to food but itís kind of rough. So think about me today and yíall take care-Kellie

July 18, 1999

Wow!!! I lost 3.5 pounds this week! I was kind of worried about that much water but I figured it was water weight from the beginning of the week. When reviewing my losses, I have noticed similar patterns around it. The week after my Ďmonthlyí (sorry all but itís true) I lose big time. Also, I lose between 7 and 8 pounds a month, which is fair. Another thing that happened this week was that my points dropped by two so I had to adjust my eating accordingly. Iím a big cheese lover and I noticed before I was eating cheese twice a day, an ounce each time. Now I reduced it down to once a day and Iíve noticed a big change in the amount of fat grams I am consuming. I had it analyzed at DIET WATCH and I do eat a lot of carbs and the usual amount of fat grams ranged from 22 to 28. Really, when I eat the food, I donít count that kind of stuff but I was just curious. Though, I noticed that my sodium intake was high and I donít even add salt to my food. So if you all have any pointers, please send them my way. I know the past meals are high in sodium but I shouldnít be exceeding 120% of sodium each day. Though, Iím truly ecstatic about the results I am getting. I noticed know that when Iím bored, I donít head to the fridge, I try to keep myself occupied by doing various tasks. Iím glad that I am now learning how to eat properly. Well, Iím looking forward to another week of losses. I think Iím doing great and I am so happy with the results so far! So all of you take care-Kellie 237/221.5/140 81.5 Pounds To Go!!!

July 17, 1999

Everything is doing great here. Though, I fear that I may develop a cold real quick because my dad has a bad cold so I am quite fearful. So wish me good health because I donít need a cold right now. Hopefully my immune system is all built up to battle it; otherwise I will be popping vitamin c pills for the next couple of days!

Yesterday, I got my first weightloss compliment from a co-worker. Terri said ďKellie, it looks like you have lost a lot of weight. You can especially tell that in the thigh and hip area.Ē That was pretty nice of her. Iím glad this is working out so far. I look forward to each week that I can get my picture taken and when I jump on the scale to see a loss. Well, tomorrow is the big weigh in day. So check back for results! Take care all-Kellie

July 15, 1999

Hi all! Doing well here. Today I figured out my goals for each month in which I would lose around 8 pounds each month (2 pounds a week). I figured 8 pounds a month would be possible because every week I lose between 1 and 3 pounds, depending on the time of the month. My priority now is to get down to 221, this week so I can be around 213, August 22. Then onto September, I will be down to the 200-pound range. This is exciting and challenging!

I checked out the prices for the YMCA in Louisville for when I move back and they are more expensive than I thought! They have a one-time fee off $110 dollars and every month it costs $40. Iím a poor graduate student putting myself through school, so the money is tight. I think I am going to see if I could get a reduced payment from them because it is so expensive ($590 a year?) so if anyone of you out there have an opinion about the price of it whether it may too high or just right email me. I want to workout at a place that has a pool. They have open swim everyday so it would be convenient but the price is the hang-up. The less-than-modern University of Louisville has a pool but the hours are very limited and the facilities are very poor so that wouldnít be an option. When I went to Central Michigan University we had a deluxe state of the art Student Activities Center (SAC) that housed 2 pools, a huge fitness center, an indoor track, racquetball courts, and so on. I didnít even have to pay to use it (though it was probably figured in the tuition, funny thing my graduate education is cheaper than my undergraduate was, so come to KY for grad school!) ANYWAYS, I TRIED ON MY BATHING SUIT YESTERDAY!!! And you know what, I didnít look half as bad as I imagined so I am ready to swimÖ.

I didnít learn what happened to my co-worker, Ron. Letís just say I am happy that I only have 18 more times to work! Sometimes I wonder if I went into the right profession because I am finding that a lot of co-workers/bosses I have are either nuts or they have no business helping people. Just once I would like to work with people that donít have a personal agenda to work on. My profession is built upon empowering people but yet, I canít see them empowering anyone. Heck, I canít wait Ďtil my internship in the fall because maybe I will with people who want help. Well, thatís it for me today. Take care all- Kellie

July 13, 1999

When I went to work today, I forgot my frozen pasta so I had to order out from my favorite place in townÖI got a steak house salad and a baked potato and boy was it good. I used some fat free ranch dressing but the only thing I did that I shouldnít have was that I ate the roll and dipped it in some honey butter (I really didnít need those extra points but it was worth it besides, it is nice to indulge every once in a while). I am amazed what losing 12 pounds can do for ones body, I am shrinking! Somebody pinch me because I feel like I am dreaming. Everything is coming together, like I have a ton of motivation, I feel empowered, I have energy, and so on! And I am never really hungry. If I knew WW123 was this good, I would have jumped on this wagon a long time ago. Though, let me take that back, I wasnít ready to lose weight back then. I guess when you are truly ready; you will lose the weight. I donít know about you but losing the weight is both mentally and physically challenging. Without proper positive mental hygiene it would be hard to lose and if we were not physically active, it wouldnít happen either. So to all of you, keep on thinking positive because we are only on a diet for a small time in life but it will forever change our eating habits and thinking habits. Take care all!-Kellie

July 12, 1999

Hi allÖI just noticed something today, since I dropped down to 225 I am now in a different point range for WW123. Instead of 27-33 points a day, I am now 25-31 points a day. Slowly, I will be eating less. I noticed when I am down to 150 (thatís a long time from now, I know, I am dreaming about it though!) I will be eating a lot less. If anyone out there knows what maintenance is point wise on the WW plan let me know because I am curious.

On a work note, something strange happened tonight, a guy was fired. About 6:30 pm, my boss Curtis, the clinical director, came out of his office and said ďIf Ron comes to the door, donít answer it, and weíll call the policeĒ. Know with any good judgement, anyone hearing a statement like that will freak out because I donít want to see Ron get postal and good old Kellie getting hurt. Then Curtis proceeded to tell us that he fired Ron over the phone by talking to his roommateÖyikes donít kill the messenger. Curtis said that Ron had called him over the weekend several times looking for personal advice and he stated that Ron lacked personal judgement so he was a threat to the kids. Funny, but I donít think I heard the whole story, weird but weíll see tomorrow. Ah, just gotta love work place on goingsÖthough whatever happened, weíll never know. But since they feared for our safety they sent us home 3 hours early with pay! Take care all!-Kellie

July 11, 1999

Down 1.5 pounds!!! Yippy!! I am so excited, I nearly fell off the scale because I was shocked to see that I am actually 225. I am so happy, as if you couldnít tell already. I only have 25 pounds to lose until I get to that 200-pound mark. I estimate that I will be there three months from now so that would be October 11. That is not too far away. Overall, my goal each month is to lose 8 pounds per month. I think that is fair because it will be a nice and slow loss while I change my eating patterns and habits.

Yesterday, I put on a pair of Khakiís that I couldnít even button up a year ago never the less get them closer than two inches to zip them up. I put the khakis on and they fit, I mean I could actually zip them. I raced around the house to show my parents how well I am doing. They have been a big support to me during my weightloss. My parents never pushed me to lose weight yet they did encourage me to one day, when I wanted; I should go on a diet to be healthy again. I actually feel better after losing the 12 pounds so far and I am motivated/driven to lose this weight. Itís like an empowering situation, I do have control over my weight and my body, no longer does food control me, and I control it! Well take care all- Kellie 237/225/140 85 more pounds to go!!!

July 10, 1999

Hi all, I made it back from my trip and I was so exhausted last night! Okay, on Thursday we were sent to Elizabethtown, KY to paint another house (facility). It was nice to do this because we got to get out of the daily routine. The facility was beautiful. It was a 5000 sq. ft home built in the 1930s. It appeared to be that someone probably died or got sick and was put in the nursing home because the house sat untouched for a while. The house was located on 150 acres of farmland, it had a three story dairy barn, and beyond the house was an 1870s KY cabin!!! The place was awesome. After seeing the facility who ever is backing up my work financially is loaded. They own 10 houses and acreage in KY that is worth over a million dollars so someone has to have the money

The diet went great! (So some of you out there were praying for me!) For lunch on Thursday, I ate a hamburger happy meal at McDís. After a long day of painting we went to dinner at the cracker barrel and I got their grilled chicken. For breakfast the next day I ate 2 peaches and a package of Melba toast. We worked through lunch and packed up. I was exhausted. I planted myself in the front seat to drive. They wanted lunch at Wendyís so I stopped. When I was in the drive thru line at Wendyís suddenly I felt ill, like I was sick. After pulling out, I drove for a few miles and then asked someone else to drive. Then I wanted to get to the bathroom ASAP because I thought it could be toxic shock syndrome or something because itís that time of the month. We stopped at a bathroom and my ands were literally shaking, I was pretty scared. I got back in the car and put a cold rag over my head and rested the whole way home and took it easy last night. I figured my sickness could have been from that time of the month, I was tired from painting, a lack of sleep, a major change in diet, not eating lunch on Friday, and nervousness from finding out the kids will be coming on Wednesday. Though, so far this morning Iím feeling pretty good. I believe itís not good to overwork oneís self. Iím just going to take it nice and easy today, heck I deserve to! Well take care all-Kellie

July 7, 1999

On the buddy board there was a post from Katie and she discussed food cravings. Like weíre talkiní about foods that really crave and should we eat them when we crave or should we not. Well, I ate that Whopper without Mayo today and I feel satisfied. Iíve been thinking about a great burger for a while so I Ďgave iní to that craving and I feel a lot better. Itís like sometimes I feel guilty about craving food. I know this sounds silly but I love food and I love to eat! I even exerted self control because my parents wanted to stop at Wendyís to get I frosty and I knew my limit, I turned it down! Even when the mom was going, ďKellie, are you sure you donít want a small bite?Ē I felt then I was in control of eating because the thing about diets is that Iím going to be on this actual diet for a short time in my life and Iím going to be in situations or crave things that I want to eat so I have to learn to eat smart.

Tommorrow and Friday, I am going to be out of town for work. They are sending us to Elizabethtown, KY, which is 3 hours away so they are setting us up in a hotel and giving us food money. This is a scary challenge for me. You see, weíre going to be eating out for all our meals so please think of me the next couple of days because Iím afraid Iíll overeat. Iíve never been in a situation like this before so Iím trying to be prepared for this event. I will report what happened to me on Saturday. Wish me luck and willpower! Take care all-Kellie

July 6, 1999

Good morning all! I woke up this morning and grabbed a pair of jean shorts to try on to see how I am doing weight wise and they fit. They are a bit snug but they fit. I have not been able to wear these shorts in a long time. The last time I wore them was while I was a camp counselor two years ago! Last summer I tried them on and I couldnít even suck myself into them because they were so tight. I am so happy that I am able to see these small results in myself because I am making huge gains in this weightloss journey. Iím telling you itís the best thing that could happen to me right now. I can only hope you all are feeling the same and I challenge you all to bring out some old jeans or shorts to see how you are doing because one day we are going to fit in our old clothes again. It may take me longer than others but I am on my way to my new self, new body, and new spirit. I believe in us all that we can do it!!! Take care all- Kellie

July 5, 1999

Went to see the President today and boy was that an experience. We drove 60 miles to reach Hazard, Kentucky to see him speak and it was well worth it. The heat was a hot 99 degrees and the heat index was 115!! Now that was hot. I was running back and forth with ice and water. Twice I had to excuse my self because I was feeling poorly from the heat. He is trying to develop the impoverished areas of Kentucky. To tell you the truth I did not know poverty was that bad until I moved down to KY. Some of the areas are so bad, I just wonder how in the heck do they survive? There are some people who still lack power and indoor plumbing, which is both sad and scary. Hopefully his visit well do some good.

Since it was such an odd trip, hereís what I ate today: my usual breakfast shredded wheat, coffee, and milk. Lunch I had my pasta meal and for dinner I had 3 hard shell tacos at Taco Bell, for a snack I ate pretzels and cheese, and a half glass of wine. Plus, I drank about 130 oz of h2o because of the heat. I was joking with people at the speech and said that we will all be a pound lighter tomorrow. Well take care all-Kellie

July 4, 1999

I woke up this morning, jumped on the scale, and found that I weigh .5 less. Ah, so I was kind of right. I know I am retaining water like a dam! So hopefully next week it will show in results. Besides, I want to take it slow, no fast weightloss here, Iím in for the long haul because I could do it fast but I know me and I would return to the same old, same old which of course maintain the old status quo! Iím just glad I lost something. Plus, it gives me an extra week before I have to reduce my points on the WW123 plan.

Hopefully, I will be good at the barbecue todayÖI love cookouts! Well good luck to us all-Kellie 237/226.5/140 86.5 more pounds to go!!!!

July 3, 1999

It turned out that my family was traveling to Hazard, KY to get tickets to see President Clinton. You see, heís going there on Monday to speak so weíre all happy that we are going to see him. Yes, Iím a Bill Clinton fan so I think itís going to be neat to see him.

I walked about two miles today and by the time I was done, I was feeling awful. The humidity was really getting me so thank goodness I brought along some water to drink. I think from now on, Iím going to walk at an earlier time but it was a great workout because I was going straight up hill most of the time.

Tommorrow is weigh in day so I really donít know what to expect. Honestly it was a rough diet week because I had a ton of cravings for foods that I really couldnít have. For the 4th we are having a barbecue with my aunt and uncle so Iím going to have to watch what I eat! Good luck all and enjoy the holiday weekend!-Kellie

July 2, 1999

Man, when I got home today, the door was left ajar so I was like okay, I wonder whatís going on here? I yell out hello, is anyone home? No answer so I walk over to the phone to check for messages and there are none but my work number was pulled out. So I am wondering where is everyone at because the lunch food was left on the table (which is unusual because my parents are unusually clean). I guess I will find out happened pretty soon but I hate it when people donít leave notes.

I know I said yesterday that I didnít feel like I was losing weight this week but today I think I am, the pants feel looser. Itís strange how oneís body does retain water. On Sunday, weíll see if I move down to the lower point bracket when it comes to the WW123 plan. When I think about cutting two points, it seems like a lot. Hopefully, it will not be that difficult. Well thatís it today, take care all-Kellie

July 1, 1999

Welcome to July!!! Wow this summer is going fast. The diet is still going strong but I have been noticing a ton of cravings lately. So Iím trying to over look them. It is difficult. I donít know why I am craving high fat foods like cheeseburgers and fries but I am. I think it might be due to my bland diet food because lately I have been eating the same things so maybe if I vary it, the cravings my go away. Though, it is taking a lot of will power!!!

Besides that everything else is looking good but concerning the weightloss for this week, well, it just doesnít feel like Iím going to lose any weight this week. Itís almost like I am retaining water. So lets just say that I will not be surprised if the scale does not move this week. Weíll se on Sunday. Well thatís it. Take care All-Kellie

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