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March 27, 2002

SHAPE: Things are going great this week. Today it just hit me that I need to add in a new workout routine. So I was trying to think what could I do. Then I thought of this crazy thingÖI could go back to the club that I was paying for: CURVES. Okay, I was pretty okay with going to curves at first but then when it started to warm up, the ventilation system was poor and I found my workout clothes annoying because they were constantly riding up my crotch. So I went back tonight for the first time in 11 months. They measured me tonight and took my fat content. Iíve lost 6 inches and my body fat has gone down 3%: I was 41% (now that is scary) so now I am down to 38%. Iíve also lost 20 pounds since that last weigh in. Impressive, huh? I was pretty scared to go back but I sucked it up and worked out. It seemed okay in there and theyíve added new machines. I figure that Iím going to go to curves MWF (Monday Friday in the morning Wednesday at night). Swimming will occur Tuesday Ė Thursday and Leslie tapes on the weekend. Not a bad schedule, now lets see if I stick to it?

SAVE & ORGANIZATION: This month is not going too good in the savings department. It just seems like I am spending money on things left and right. Though, Iím spending money on some great deals. Like tonight I got a reversible Speedo vest, 2 shirts, and a hat from Speedo.com for $31.00. Then vacation drained me a great deal and then I spent $59.50 on some concert tickets. Shawn wanted to go see the WHO on August 27th with Robert Plant as a special guest star. Itís going to be a great concert so heís going to pay for his ticket then Iím going to pay for mine. Argh! I need to get control of thingsÖ

OTHER MEANINGLESS RAMBLINGS: I found something weird out on Monday. My dentist went to dental school with my half sister Tammy. Yup, I have two older half sisters that are my dads. They are a lot older so thereís not a close relationship. Anyways, getting back to the story while I was sitting in the chair while getting my two fillings we were discussing antiques and she mentioned Grad school (where she found a lovely piece but she couldnít buy it) in Bloomington. I then mentioned my half sister went to school down there and after stating her name, she knew her. She stated that she dated a guy friend of her. Funny thing is that it floored me because Tammy was allegedly gay. We met her partner about 7 years ago (and sheís been with her since í92) but then she was dating a guy a few years agoÖhumm, whatís up with that? Anyways that story will always make me wonder because that topic is totally unapproachableÖ but the funny thing what a small world it is! Donít my teeth look great? Well, have a great night! Take care all-Kellie

March 25, 2002

SHAPE: Iím back and according to the weight watchers in London, KY I lost 4.2 pounds making myself 205.8! Okay, so Iím freaking out because I want the 4.2 pound loss but Iím not too sure if thatís going to be correct when I weigh in at my place this week. Man, I would love to be 206 basically! Weíll see. I weigh in on Saturday morning this week so Iím hoping that the scales are similar. Vacation was wonderful and I stayed within the point ranges everyday but my biggest mistake was no exercise except walking. We went all over too. Gosh, it was so good to be back in KY. I know this sounds crazy but my HOME is in KY. I feel that is where my heart is. Only one more year until I find out if I am going to be able to get my Ph.D. at the University of Louisville. In the next coming months, not only do I have to prepare financially but mentally. I really need to get practicing on taking the GRE because I need a combined score of 1000. I can do this if I set my mind to it! Shawn and I were able to spend 2 hours in Louisville. We hit a comic book shop, ChickFilA, and we searched high and low for a beautiful derby pin. After 90 minutes of looking for a pin, I finally found one at Krogers. I bought 3 so I can have 2 for my jackets and 1 to save. Oh, itís so beautiful.

OTHER MEANINGLESS RAMBLINGS: I saw Teresa over the weekend (sheís my best friend) and sheís doing good. Sheís debating if she should buy a house with her fiancťe. Iím hoping that she will just get a house, or she will get herself into some trouble. Hopefully, she will think with her head and not her heart. Shawn and I are doing rather well at this transition time but we are still getting adjusted. It will just take time. The only thing that really needs to be worked out is the financial sharing of the groceries. I think next month, Iím going to use the envelope principal where I allot so much money in my budget and place it in an envelope and when itís gone, itís gone. Weíll see how that works. Weíll Iím going to go to the pool tomorrow so Iím going to turn in. Take care all-Kellie

March 15, 2002

SHAPE: Made it to the pool twice this week. I tried going yesterday but I opted to weighin at weightwatchers instead. I thought they were going to have a meeting at 8 but the receptionist stated that everyone just weighs in and they donít stay so there is no meeting. Honestly, I felt a little gypped there because I was looking forward to hearing their weekly message. Oh well. For a short weigh in week, I did wellÖI lost another 1.5 pounds! Yippey! Since I am leaving for KY today (when Shawn wakes his butt up) I found another meeting at my parents place next Thursday morning so I plan on attending there. This plan is working. It will accommodate just about everything! Last night I ate a little too much of Chinese and had a bowl of ice cream. I counted all my points and I will be paying retribution to that choice for about 3 days. Oh well, it was worth it. Iím wearing a light spring outfit today because it is 70 degrees in KY right now (actually this morning it is 52 but by the time I get there it will be 70).

ORGANIZATION & SAVE: Look at the livingroom..didnít Shawn do a great job of hanging things? Itís all him folks. I guess thatís the graphic designer in him. Check out the new cabinet I got at a sale. I goes perfectly with the retro kitchen, doesnít it? It was a steal at $15. Save wise, I got my oncall money and it appears that after taxes the government got about $220 because they put it in with my weekly check so I got $80 less than what I thoughtÖargh!

OTHER MEANINGLESS DIET RAMBLINGS: Well Shawns finally up at 7:30 am so I better get off of here. I plan to eat healthy the whole trip. Take care all-Kellie

March 11, 2002

SHAPE: Missed a whole week of working out since I was just too tired with the oncall work to get up early and work out. Iím still tired from last week. 6 days of oncall work is not for meÖI have dreams of a nice slumber tonight. Tomorrow, Iím back in the pool. Iím down another 3 pounds making it to 15 pounds in 2.5 months! So Iím doing good so far. Iíve discovered the joys of Boca Spicy Chicken..oh folks they are so tasty. I put them on a 1 point whole wheat bun and top it off with a tsp of miracle whip or bleu cheese. Meijers (a grocery store) had them on sale 2 for $5 where they usually go for $3.49 a piece! What a savingsÖI used to be afraid of meatless items now I love themÖfunny huh?

ORGANIZE & SAVE: The place is slowly coming together. Shawn decorated todayÖhe put an artists touch in the apartment and it just looks great. Thereís still a lot to organize but things are slowly coming together. Money should be flowing my way this pay check because of the oncall money. Iím applying that to my savings account. I doubt if I will ever do 6 days of oncall because Iím so tired nowÖ.Iíll take that as a lesson to me. Luckily, Iím on vacation this Friday until the 25th of March. Shawn and I are going down this Friday so Iím pretty excited. Ah, vacationÖ

MEANINGLESS OTHER DIET RAMBLINGS: I think I want to strangle this woman at work. All she does is talk about her weight and how she needs to loose. I guess she went on the Body For Life Plan but after seeing what she had for lunch today, I doubt she will stick to it. I could be wrong but she ate only about 3 points. She talks about the aesthetics of weightloss but yet she fails to recognize that weightloss is a mental challenge also. Right now, Iím into the mental aspect of weightloss. I know this because everything is a strategy in this weightloss game. My comfort foods are mentally changing. Instead of reaching for a pop, I reach for water or diet pop. If I have the snackies, I grab some carrots and if I want something sweet, by golly, I eat a sweet but Iím mentally not depriving my body of anything. Iím determined. Getting back to the woman, her talk is irritating me. I want to scream out at her ďYour NOT EATING REGULAR FOOD! YOU ARE EATING ODD @SS FOOD THAT PEOPLE WOULD NORMALLY NOT EAT!Ē but who am I to judge. I think the body for life is a great plan but she is simply taking it to the extreme. Take care all-Kellie

March 5, 2002

SHAPE: Doing good this week again. I didnít lose anything last week but thatís okayÖI maintained. I figured that this would happen because of the movingÖI was simply exerting myself too much. Iím eating in the 24 Ė 29 point range and I average about 27 points. Exercise has been down this week because of the weather (pool was closed) and Iím on call this week for work. I left this morning at 5:00 am and I just got home at 8:00 pm. I had 3 hospital screenings today where I am the gatekeeper to admit individuals into a psychiatric inpatient setting. Enough of mental health issues and my dayÖI need to get back to the weightloss stuff. I havenít had time in the last two days to exercise so Iím hoping that I would be able to get some in tomorrow. I donít think I will make it to the school but I will definitely put in the tapes.

ORGANIZE & SAVE: The place is a mess from moving. The transition is going better than I thought. Shawn is getting the place in order but itís still going to take some time to get things settled. Iím going on vacation in 10 days. Shawn and I are going to my parents so I will be getting a well deserved rest quite soon. I try to take a vacation every 3 months to get revitalized. I will need to save some money so I can buy some goodies down there. Ah a vacation!

OTHER MEANINGLESS DIET RAMBLINGS: Iím okay with maintaining my weight this week. I figured thatís a lot better than gaining something. It would be nice to lose this week but if I doní, it will be okay because this program really works. Like today, they had a potluck lunch. It could have been disastrous but I accommodated what I ate into the rest of the day. I love the freedom of this plan! Well thatís it for me tonight, I hope I get more than the 3 hours of sleep I had last night! Take care all-Kellie

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