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March 5, 2007

Wow...time is flying by fast and I don't know where it is going. I'm still plugging away. With the weightloss going so slow, I asked my doctor if she would check my metalbolism to see if anything is going on and it came back fine, which is good. She recommended me to work out 5 days a week. That's probably where the weight is not coming off because I've been averaging about 3 days a week between the Y and curves. I've been eating all my flex points though. I'm happy with the loss but I was just worried that my metalbolism was screwed up.

Lots of stuff is going on right now. I'm a tad nervous about our rental situation. I just found out that Friday they moved the owner of the home from assisted living to the nursing home. She's not doing too well at this time and her hx has gone down. If she were to pass away, they would let us stay in the home until they sell it. We simply don't want to buy this home because it's not our style that we like (1970s ranch...yeah, Brady Bunch Style) and it has had NO UPKEEP in years. It needs a roof, the windows need to be replaced, and the electric is 60 or 70 amp service. So...we are a tad worried. I really don't want to go back into an apartment. It's like "okay, it's that time to buy". Funny thing is that Chris and I have an excellent income, we have an $8K school loan that we were going to pay off prior to finding out this information about the owner, so the question is, why are we not in a house yet? I have no good answers for you. When Chris was working this weekend, I checked out some open houses. I was slighlty embarrassed to see how I was an "older" looker at some of these. The couples are getting younger and younger at these things. I almost feel embarrassed when I tell relators I'm still a renter. I know we are doing things the right way or at least I perceived the right way (no debt, 20% down) but I'm beginning to question that. Have I wasted a ton of money because of my reluctance of buying a home? I don't know yet. I've been browsing online and in person for two years. I've only seen 2 houses that I have seriously liked. One was 3 years ago before I was engaged to Chris and it was not the time. Beautiful bungalow and the other home the one we put a bid on. Since then I saw one that I liked but the neighborhood is questionable and then I saw the perfect home this past weekend...but the neighborhood is again questionable plus it's a HUD but it's everything that I wanted in a home on the outside...I have no idea what the inside looks like but Chris and I peaked in the windows and it had high ceilings and the wood work we have been looking for. It's not on the market yet but it will be on soon. So now that gets us into seriously getting pre-approved so we could make a bid if we wanted to. I just cannot believe it's a darn HUD home. Figures, I would fall for something that's not easy.

The blood pressure is normal now. I've been taking the medication since last month and I'm down to 110/70...the doctor was impressed. So I'm on the medication well, forever or at least until I'm pregnant because it has a lot of warnings on the bottle about what it would do to a fetus. I have no idea what they will do with me then. It's funny now that I don't even feel stress in my chest anymore. Maybe I was having some issues. At least it's back to a normal level now. Well, that's it for me today, take care all-Kellie

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