# of Days Recommitted to WW Current Weight Re-Start Weight Goal Weight Total Pounds Lost
657 160.50 226.50 140 66.00

I updated my progress pictures! (7.27.03)

October 28, 2003

Wow, Kellie has a new toy. Guess what I just bought myself? I bought a brand new spanking computer system from HP. Itís a HP media center and itís a recordable dvd/tv player. Itís like a TV with a built in recordable DVD player and it has some kick ass klipsch speakers (Dobly 5.1). I think this computer is more than I can handle. I figured that this was the time to buy a new system because mine was getting older and it needed to be put out to pasture. I had it for 5 years and it gave me 5 good years but now itís time to move on...new memories, etc. So Iíve been having too much fun tonight.

The weight is not budging. As month four, Iím still 160.50. Thatís okay though. Though, I have to admit Iíve been getting a little worried about it. Iíve been eating about 25 points per day but Iím not losing. Iím honestly beginning to think itís the birth control because Iíve havenít lost a pound since going on it. Iíll keep on plugging though. Oh, I found the most fabulous product two weeks ago. The ďLa TortillaĒ soft taco shell...it has 9 grams of fiber, 2 grams of fat, and 50 calories!!! Iíve been making some soft shell tacos with beans, meat, a sprinkle of cheese, lettuce, and some taco sauce. Itís definitely a tasty meal and itís quite filling. The one thing that I am finding about increasing my fiber intake is the body by-product. I donít think that I have ever been this gasey in my whole entire life. Iím beginning to think that Iím one of those old gasey people! The one thing Iíve noticed about the fiber though is that it actually doesnít keep me ďregularĒ. Iíve always heard that when you eat more fiber, it cleans out your system but it tends to have the opposite effect one me...Iím more constipated now. Okay, too much information but Iím just wondering if this is normal?

Iím back in Detroit next week for Trauma Training. To tell you the truth, I have mixed emotions about this because heck, this is where I lost my Jeep but I had such a good time. Iím ready to have a break from the office though and it worked out really good because we are having auditors in next week and Unfortunately, Iím going to miss them...shucks! Work has been stressful so any excuse to be out of the office is good. Itís just a strange time over there right now.

Chris and I are doing wonderful. Iím in love and it feels great. Heís such a cutie and a huge help to me. He even set my new computer up for me! We went out to Detroit last week and visited his sister. Had a nice time despite his sisters computer crashing. Then we went to the Detroit Zoo and we had a blast. Unfortunately, Iíve wasnít able to see my sister then and now that is causing some troubles because she thinks that Iím standing her up. Iím not but itís been impossible for me to get a hold of them when I am out there. So Iíve attempted to call Carrie 5 times since that weekend and she just hasnít called me back. Sheís being a little crapper. I hate little family psycho games.

Well, thatís what has been going on with me lately. Things are going well and Iím enjoying things in life. Things are falling into place and it feels damn good. Well, take care all-Kellie

October 15, 2003

Doing awesome this week. Iím so proud of myself. Iíve worked out 3 times at CURVES and I have been tracking everything that I have been putting into my mouth. It feels great to be back and be able to work out again. Things are definetely beginning to calm down a lot so Iím happy about that. I need to work out at CURVES at least three to four times a week. To tell you the truth, I can see a whole lot of difference in my body and weightloss when I donít go. I simply do not lose as fast as I do (okay, so a pound a week is not fast but for me it is because if I did not workout I would not be losing anything).

As for WW, Iím finally hitting my 22 target points per day. To tell you the truth, I find this extremely challenging and now I totally admit to eating my exercise points. I used to bank those all up but thatís not the case anymore..Iím eating those puppies. Iím going to be optimistic about this flex point plan so weíll see on Saturday if it shows me any positive results.

Finally got back pictures of Chris and I from the reunion. Don't we look cute? Going to Detroit this weekend with Chris. Weíre going to hang out with his sister, her husband, and the nephew. Iím not too sure what we are going to do but Iím hoping it is something because I hate sitting around and doing nothing on a weekend. Iím also hoping that we are going to meet up with Carrie and Dennis. I would normally like to hit the thrift stores in Detroit but to tell you the truth, I, Kellie admit to owning way too many clothes. Yes, Iím addicted to clothes and resale shopping and have way too much crap in my closet. I canít help it when I find a name brand item that I like for $2.00, I just have to buy it. I donít even want to admit to you all how many Jackets I own...I think itís somewhere around 10 or more. I could even go without doing my laundry for 6 weeks with no difficulties...no that is pathetic. Oh well, it makes me happy! My place is still disorganized. Itís my goal one day to get everything together and organized because I hate living in disarray. I tried tackling my second bedroom but it got too overwhelming. Iíve given myself until December 1st before I need to get everything in order. I know I can do it because that couch from IKEA is calling my name.

Work is still going good for me. They are sending me back to another Trauma Training in Detroit during the first week in November so I will be gone then. All I know is that I will not be taking the Jeep this time. Those rat bastards are not going to get another vehicle out of me. Iím looking forward to that because I need another week off for a break. I really need to take a vacation soon but a conference will do. Well thatís it for me tonight, take care all-Kellie

October 10, 2003

Wow, Iím still the same. Iím not buging on the scale but i admit that I am not losing because Iím just trying to maintain right now. The past two months have been extremely busy in the fact that Iím not able to completely focus on my weight. Iím okay with this because this is life...at least Iím not gaining. If you track points, attend the meetings, workout, etc. You will loose but Iím putting in a 50 percent effort right now and what Iím getting back is complete maintance. I figure if Iím down to goal in the early summer, I will be happy...but Iím happy now.

I have to tell you that I am mixed about the new program. Not that it has changed but eating 22 points is difficult. I find that my average is about 25 points. I have to make more time for CURVES now. I thought I was going to be able to hit it consistantly since my parents went home but that hasnít been the case. I took the week off from it this week because I was away for a couple of days at Mammoth Cave and Iím finally feeling back to normal....okay, all I have to say is that the ďWild Cave TourĒ at Mammoth Cave kicked my ass. When they say you need to be in shape, they mean you HAVE TO BE IN SHAPE. None of this ďIím kind of in shapeĒ crap. You need total upper and lower body strength. Something I lacked. I did make it through 3 crawls plus a .75 mile crawl on my hands and knees but instead of finishing out the tour, I just couldnít. It kicked my butt. The first crawl is where I had to fit my body through two boulders with just enough room for my chest to get through. I then had to push myself up and make it over the boulders. The next crawl/hole is where I felt like I went through the birthing process. The whole was so tight that my body with both hands put forward would not go through. I had to play superman to get through the damn hole. I struggled for a few minutes but I made it. The last crawl was impossible. It was a belly crawl for 120 ft that winded through. The clearance was 15 inches so I tried but I got freaked out so I went to an easier crawl and then I met up with the ďGrand TourĒ. Chris had no problem with the Wild Cave tour because heís in good shape and heís been caving before. He wanted to jump on the other tour with me but I wanted him to finish up on his tour. Heís glad he finished it out and I couldnít have been happier that I switched tours because I would have been miserable on the rest of the tour. Things are going extremely well with Chris. I couldnít be happier and Iím enjoying having him in my life. Itís just awesome folks.

Things are going well at work. My caseload is decreasing and Iím not meeting direct service time but who cares. Itís beyond my control. When I was down in KY, we stayed with Teresa. She is moving into Chrisís house. The sad thing is how does one sit back and watch a train wreck. Teresa doesnít have strong feelings for Chris (at least in my opinion) but she does have feelings for another man who has been in her life for a great deal of time. She talks about breaking up with Chris and being with this other guy but she says that she just canít go through with it. Humm, itís just really sad to see.

Iím still volunteering at the zoo. We began animal handling last week. Iím not too keen on handling snakes and spiders but Iím going to keep an open mind. The cool thing about volunteering at the zoo is that I got free membership into the zoo society and I basically can go to almost any zoo for free. Now, that is awesome.

Life is good for me right nw. Iím just having some difficult with adjusting to my fall schedule and working out. I guess what itís going to come down to is that if I cannot make it to Curves after work, Iím going to need to go during my lunch hour. Exercising and tracking points is one of the most improtant thing that I am not doing at this time. I just need to get off my butt and do it!

Chris and I are going to my undergraduate school's homecoming. I haven't been to Central Michigan's Homecoming since 01 so it will be a nice weekend. While we are there we're going to stop off at a cider mill...Hot apple cider! Well, I hope you folks have a great weekend! Take care all-Kellie

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