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I updated my progress pictures!!

September 29, 2003

Hi, my life is finally going to get a tad quieter. My folks went home on Friday. Iíve spent the last three weeks with them M - F (pretty much) so I will be back to my old routine. I was able to go to my favorite Curves tonight for the first time in 3 weeks! So needless to say, it was great to be back. The funny thing is that everyone asked me if I hit goal tonight when I was working out but I have another 15 Ė 20 pounds until I hit goal weight. As for the Target Points, I have not been able to keep within a 22 point range. I just cannot do itÖokay, I just donít do it. I was always happy with 25 points so Iíve been hitting that a lot lately. Iím still the same this week. I havenít lost anything but I wasnít exercising during the past 3 weeks so I wouldnít have expected a loss. I have to say, I have fire in my belly now to lose the rest of the pounds. My goal is to hit goal before next May. I know that is way off but I would like to be done before then. The funny thing is that I feel great now, but I would like to get down to at least 145 on my scale. Thatís possible!

I had a great time at the high school reunion. It was a blast. I got to speak to some old friends and just observe the hell out of everyone else. I have to admit that I didnít recognize a bunch of people. It seems as if the age stick hit my class hard. Funny thing is that the women looked good but the men aged poorly. I saw my ex-boyfriend and he looked the same but different. Heís wife is exactly what I picturedÖa nice conservative womanÖI bet sheís a major republican (he was a republican poster boy at the ripe age of 12). My ex-best friend Tracey was there. Letís just say, she still looks like a whore but this time, I think she had a boob job. She came up to me when another friend was with me and said ďhiĒ and I said ďhiĒ back but I looked for an escape because Chris went to the bathroom so when he came back, he saved me. Then later on, she asked me if I would hate her forever. I said ďYeah, probablyĒ. She told me that I needed to let go of the hate because we were such good friends. I told her ďWe were friends for six years and I havenít spoken to you in ten so I donít think Iíve been missing anythingĒ. I know I should have been more adult about that but folks, I didnít want to save face, I donít like her so Iím not going to pretend that everything is okayÖand what she did to me as a friend was okay, because it wasnít. She was a crappy friend and when she could have made my life easier, she didnít. So, I have no interest in her as a person. Moving on from thatÖChris and I stayed the night at the St. Clair Inn. It was just beautiful and we had a huge room. I had such a nice time with him.

Speaking about Chris, weíre still doing well. This weekend we are going down to Kentucky to the Mammoth Cave to take a cave tour. The tour is going to be 5.5 miles in 6 hours. Hopefully, the trip wonít kill me physically because I havenít been training for it. I canít do anything about that now. I can just hope for the best. We are going to stay with Teresa and Chris. They are still together. I have no idea why but they are. I guess they are doing better now but I wish she had more of her heart in this relationship because I swear she doesnít love him like a woman should. But, I would be a hypocrite if I judged her for that because I stayed with Shawn for seven years and I didnít care for him. I donít kick myself for wasting time but I feel sad that I just waited so long to end the relationship. Iíll never do that again.

Work is going fine. Mike was going out for a full time position but I fear that heís not going to be able to get it because he was competing with another coworker who has been there for 15 years. The sad thing is that he is a better therapist than her but I think sheís going to try to pull rank over him. Iím still hanging out with him at work but as for personal time, I feel guilty when Iím hanging with him because you know what, I wouldnít want Chris to be hanging out with some chick but thatís just me. I know that will pass soon but I still feel ackward, you know. Well, I hope you all are doing well, and keeping warm! They say it is supposed to snow here on Wednesday and ThursdayÖhow crazy is that? Take care, Kellie

September 19, 2003

Hi folks, this is the first time in a week that I have been home. The folks are leaving next week for Kentucky so Iím trying to spend as much time with them as possible. Iím continuing to maintain my weight, which is good but Iím still getting anxious for my life to settle down a bitÖbut thatís not going to happen anytime soon.

My 10-year high school reunion is tomorrow. Iíve opted to wear a classic black dress. It looks great. Funny thing about going back is that the majority of the people who are there are just going to think that I gained 10 pounds. The people who saw me overweight are going to be shocked at my transformation. I have mixed feelings about going back. Half of me is just dying out of curiosity to go back, the other half is dreading itÖyou know, bring back all those insecure feelings from your youth. Iíve done plenty enough stuff to be proud of in my life so if someone wants to snub me they can kiss my ass. Iím taking Chris so Iím bound to have fun. Iím dragging him around Marine City tomorrow to show him where I grew up. Iíll take a bunch of pics and post them on here. Well, I better go pack. Take care all-Kellie

September 6, 2003

Hello old friends. I donít even want to think about how swamped Iíve been in the past few weeks but I have been swamped. This is the first Saturday that I have had that Iíve just sat home and caught my breath. Iím oncall this weekend so I sent Chris to his friends in Kalamazoo because I didnít want to tie him down this weekend plus I had to pick him out some birthday stuff. Strange thing is that his birthday is the day before mine. Heís turning 31 and Iím turning 28. Can you believe that? For all you old readers, youíve been with me for four years! Strange thing that I was thinking in the Jeep tonight is that Iím at a comfortable stage in life. For instance, I have a great paying job where I can support MYSELF (no dependence on a man here), I have fulfilling relationships with others, and I finally feel comfortable in my skin. Iím proud to be meÖmy head is held high with pride. I really like who I am right now. Of course, I can always improve but Iím really enjoying this moment. Itís a good feelingÖa real good feeling.

As for weight, I stayed the same for the past few weeks. Iím okay with that. Iíve been only able to hit CURVES twice a week for the past 3 weeks so I really can see the difference of not going 4 times a week. As for Weight Watchers, Iím going to try the new FLEX POINTS but to tell you the truth, Iím kind of scared to. Iíll be optimistic about the results. So why am I staying the same? Iím not eating less and Iím not exercising as much as I used to because of my recent schedule. Iím looking for things to calm down. Work continues to be busy and so does the personal life.

Things are going great with Chris. No complaints here. I really enjoy his company and who he is. I finally met his sister and brother in law this past weekend when we went to Detroit. To tell you the truth, I donít know what to make of her yet, sheís very different from the rest of his family. Iím taking Monday off, which is Chrisís birthday, and we are going to celebrate his birthday at his folks. For his birthday, I bought him a pair of Khakis and a shirt from Eddie Bauer (onsale of course), a photo album, Timex watch, and a self-inflatable mat. Nothing too exciting but itís useful. Then on Tuesday we are going up north to spend my birthday with my folks. I have to say, itís pretty awesome to have a birthday that close to each other.

Argh, Iíve been shopping too much lately. Tonight I picked up a pair of Betula sandals from Sams, a pair of Puma retro tennis shoes, and a Puma top. Keep me away from the stuff. I swear since losing my stuff in the Jeep 1, Iíve been going spend crazy. Iíve got to stop. Everything is on sale but stillÖ

My high school reunion is coming up. Itís my 10 year. Iím looking forward to it in a way but Iím also dreading it. Does that make any sense? Itís like I want to see some people but Iím really dreading to see other. Iím also not looking forward to seeing the cliquesÖyou know those little petty popular idiots who never leave the town and have the same group of friends that they have since they were 6. Argh! Iíve picked out a different dress than the last one I took a picture inÖit looks a lot better. Chris and I are going to stay at the St. Clair Inn that night. I figured it would be a good place to stay since the bed and breakfast in Marine City is full. Iíll see if he could use his fathers digital camera to take some pics. Well, thatís it for me tonight, take care all-Kellie

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